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I have an iBook 9.2.2 and am getting an error message "Problem: Invalid extent entry, 44165, 4075" when running Disk First Aid. It says Disk First Aid cannot repair this problem. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to repair this problem? THis is a laptop for special needs children.

iBook, Mac OS 9.2.x
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    The directory on the Hard drive has been corrupted. The "index" of what files are where is out of whack, and there is no way to repair it that is completely risk-free. You will need to take one of two approaches:

    1) use an Industrial strength Disk- or File- Repair Utility. Popular ones include alsoft Disk Warrior and Tech Tools (now supplied by Apple when you have an Applecare contract). DO NOT INSTALL these programs until the damage is completely fixed -- Get the CD version and boot from the CD, do the Repair, check again with Disk First Aid, THEN they can be installed, if you wish.

    Norton Utilities for Mac has repeatedly failed Mac users by not keeping their software appropriately upgraded to match the Mac Operating System. Using the wrong version can wipe out your Hard Drive.

    If you are working within a School System, the school's Tech Support should have a plan and the necessary Utilities and know-how to address these sorts of problems. When you have a large number of computers to look after, these problems come up regularly in Macs and PCs.


    2) Back up the files you can still read and re-initialize the Hard drive.

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    Hi, tricosped -

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    An "Invalid Extent Entry" error is one of several types of errors indicating damage has occured to the disk's directory. Although Disk First Aid can often diagnose that type of problem, it rarely can fix it.

    Alsoft's DiskWarrior utility can repair such problems. DiskWarrior comes on a bootable disk; since it does its work by replacing the disk's directory, the machine must be booted to a drive other than the one to be repaired.

    If your iBook is OSX ready and can use OSX 10.3.9 or later, you can use the current version of DiskWarrior. v. 4.1.

    If it is not OSX ready, you will need to use an earlier version of DiskWarrior, v. 2.1 or 2.1.1. You may be able to find one of these at places like ebay (doubtful) or borrow one. I understand you can obtain one directly from Alsoft via telephone order.
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    I know Norton Utilities gets a bad rap since it really fell down on OSX support, also DiskWarrior has the reputation of being premier in the field of directory repair. However, if this is just an OS 9.2.2 drive and you happen to have access to a copy of NU and not to DW I believe NU was still pretty competent for OS9 disks. Make sure you use a recent edition (I believe this may be Norton Systemworks 1.0.3).
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    I have a DiskWarrior 2.1 CD I no longer need.
    Since it's for a good cause, I could mail it to you if you need it.
    Click on my name to email me if interested.