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Ok, I know this is a constant topic but here, try this on.. I have the same issue as everyone else. My router is fine, and my network shows on my iPhone that it is connected in the settings, and it always connected to WiFi at work and at Home. Now it has started defaulting to Edge for no reason. It still says its connected and available in the settings but yet still defaults to the ever so slow Edge network.

Now heres a question. Does the Edge network fall under the unlimited Data plan? Or is this an additional charge? If so It seems very coincidental that it defaults to Edge over all the available WiFi's. hmmmmmmm..

But I digress.. like I said, the first few days it always connected to my network at work and home, now just Edge only and OCCASIONALLY it will switch into WiFi. Is there a way to keep WiFi enabled but disable the Edge networK on the phone? Because the whole main features of this phone are for the Data access abilities.. and so far I'm not impressed.

Wave of the future right? Only never connect to the almost required WiFi to use half the features, no Java Games when MOST phones and a LOT of people play them, and no OVERLY used by many people, Multimedia Text Messages.

This phone is batting zero with me over the past week.

Q6600 Quad-core Processor, 4GB DDR2 800 RAM, 2x nVidia Geforce 8800GTS 640MB 320bit GPU in SLI, Other OS, Windows XP 64-bit