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I'm in the process of purchasing an iPod Touch, but if I do I intend to use it both as an mp3-player and a PDA (what's the point of having wifi on your mp3-player otherwise, huh?)

In that case, I will need some sort of word-processor and excel-program on it. I normally use Open Office on my laptop.

I'd like to know:
- Are there any applications specifically developed for this?
- Do you know of any programs/applications that can be installed and used, even if they're not primarily designed for the iPod Touch?

Of course I intend to jailbreak it first.

Windows XP Pro
  • barra_240t Level 2 (420 points)
    If you wait until June when the App Store is open, most likely a word processor or spreadsheet application is being developed by some brilliant developers.

    If that is the case, you can install the app without jailbreaking the iPod and voiding your warranty.
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    That's a good tip, but seeing that I'm about to spend a lot of money on this I'd rather know for sure

    In lack of software developed for the iPod Touch, is it possible to run software developed for laptops or desktop computers on your iPod?
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    No, you'll have to wait for version 2.0 and the apps store.
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    Any application developed for the iPhone will run on the iPod touch. Obviously ones that make phones calls would be pretty useless.

    Software developed for other platforms won't run on iPod touch/iPhone because of the limited memory available to developers on the devices.

    It would be safe to buy one, and if one doesn't pop-up around WWDC in June, you can always jailbreak it. Being a highly requested feature on the original iPhone, I'd bet my life that a Office type utility is in the works.
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    No one here will help you out with finding a jailbreak app for the iPod touch, since that is against the Terms of Use...

    If I were you, I would wait until the App store comes out(in June) and see if anyone made a Word Processor app... And if they have, then you know that it's "safe" to go ahead and buy the iPod touch!(unless you don't NEED to have the word processor)


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    As I said I intend to jailbreak it anyway, so that's no problem. I haven't been able to find any word processor or spreadsheet app for it yet, but as you say one will probably be developed sooner or later. I hope I won't have to use any MS crap on it, but that's for time to tell.

    Thanks for your answers.
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    Extra info related to this:

    I've now found out that online apps (like google docs, for example) can be used for this purpose, with more or less satisfying results. When app store opens there will also be at least a few different programs for connecting to your home computer and possibly using the programs installed on that.

    For offline use there are presently apps available (developed for iPhone) that are both limited in useability and take up serious amounts of precious memory. Personally, I think they seem rather crappy.

    Until something better comes up through the app store the best choice is probably google docs or similar online services.