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Hey, i just got the Error message 3259 while downloading a large amount of Podcasts for Tutorials (Final cut, Motion, CS3)

and i have disabled ALLL Antivirus and spyware blockers, logged out then logged back in, and updated to 7.6.2

but when i start to download them again i get 1 out of the 3 with 3259. so now the only way i seem to get them is to download them 1 at a time. Any fix???

Macbook Pro (soon to be), Mac OS X (10.5.2)
  • Timmy Y Level 4 Level 4
    Even though you disabled your security software, often times traces of them will still be running somewhere in the background. Especially if it's Norton. The error message you're getting is pretty much synonymous with having Norton on a machine. Like I tell others, Norton is a devil of a program and I do not recommend it. It doesn't play nice with other programs, is a resource hog, can make OTHER programs a resource hog, and can cause all sorts of other havoc.
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    Agree it is a timeout error but I'd like to suggest a different solution related to the timeout setting in Internet Explorer and a slow or intermittent internet connection or a busy server holding the podcast. While it may be aggravated by various anti-virus software programs, believe the root of the problem is the timeout setting that was changed to 30 seconds in Internet Explorer 7. The timout setting had been 5 minutes in all Internet Explorer versions since ver 4.0. See Microsoft Support KB item KB181050 at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/181050/en-us. Believe it provides a better and more encompassing solution for computers running Microsoft XP and Vista. Cheers.
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    But, before you try the solution, I recommend an easy test. Go to the iTunes downloads page where your podcast is downloading. Check your watch when the bytes downloaded stop increasing. If the 3259 error shows 30 seconds later after it stops increasing, then it is the timeout setting that is the culprit. Follow the directions in the Microsoft KB article. Cheers.

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    oh my, i was soo releived when i saw this, but when i tried it, it didn't work i did exactly what your directions said but itjust didn't work, it's still saying connection timed out and err. 3259. Do you maybe have anymore suggestions???
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    I'm getting the error 3259 as well. I have my podcasts set up to update automatically and they download with no problems. But if I purchase songs or tv episodes off the iTunes store, the network times out constantly, usually after only 1 or 2mb. I have tried to disable my anti-virus software (I have McAfee), but that didn't work. Haven't tried to change the timeout for Internet Explorer yet; I usually use Mozilla Firefox to surf the net. Curious why the timeout on IE would affect the iTunes downloads. Any other options?