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A lot of my friends have been telling me that a lot of times when I send them text messages, it will send them two of the same message. I have two other friends that have iPhones and the same thing has been happening to them. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening? I don't want my phone to send two of the same message everytime I send a text!

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Solved by Lauren Friedl on May 13, 2008 3:34 PM Solved
yea i know my friends say they been getting the same txt from me 2 times.
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    Shouldn't be is all I can say. Call AT&T and see what may be going on.

    As a piece of advice, don't mention the iPhone right away (some have habit of just saying, oh, it is Apples problem) but to me, this sounds like AT&T issue. Just say when you send a txt your friends are getting it twice. Can they first look into your bill and see if you are getting charged twice, and two, see if they can tell it is sending twice. Could also just be your other friends network not playing nice. The rep will find out you have an iPhone once they get to your account info, so at least get them to work before you mention it.

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    To add, I have seen this with various phones throughout the years SMS has been around...sometimes it just happens.
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    yea i know my friends say they been getting the same txt from me 2 times.
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    Thanks for all the input you guys. Yeah, I'm either gonna go to AT&T or call them to see if there is a solution. If not, then I'll go to the Apple store. Hopefully there is a way to solve this problem. I understand that this happens with phones sometimes, but it has been happening too consistently for me to ignore. I just don't want to be sending double texts everytime I use the function. If anyone finds a solution please post.