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I just purchased three songs from the same Mulan album from iTune store, but they show up as three separate albums of the same name. I've tried using Get Info to group them into one album, but it didn't work.

Anyone know what to try next?


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    Even tiny differences in the artist or album names can cause them to be displayed separately. Make sure there isn't a space at the beginning or end or a field, or maybe double spaces, or hypehns, or other punctuation. if the artist are different try using "compilation" to get them to group. Sometimes I can't figure out why an album isn't grouping and I just copy one of the artist fields and paste it into all of them; same with album.
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    Thanks for the suggestions.

    Deleting the Album Artist field solved the problem.

    It turned out someone put the same Song Artist's names in the Album Artist field for each song. Since the three songs have different Album Artists listed, iTunes separates them into different albums.
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    Purchased 4 more songs and encountered the same problem, and had to remove the names in the Album Artist field in order for the song to be grouped into the same album again.

    Apple needs to trained their workers to input song information properly IMO!