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I have 5 Powerbook G4 laptops that drop wireless signal after 10-15 minutes of connection to our WPA2 wireless network. When you try to reconnect the network SSID is no longer found, rebooting the wireless card allows the computer to see the network again but often does not allow it to authenticate to it. A reboot sometime fixes this and sometimes it reconnects on its own if you give it enough time. Has anybody had this issue? All macs are running Tiger completely patched, Dlink wireless switch is on the latest firmware rev. adn the 30 or so IBM laptops are having no issues whatsoever. Any help is Greatly appreciated!!!!

powerbook G4, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    Welcome to the forums!

    Does logging out and back in help?

    sudo ipconfig set en1 BOOTP;sudo ipconfig set en1 DHCP

    sudo ifconfig en1 down;sudo ifconfig en1 up
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    Just to clarify: this is consistent behaviour - regardless of usage pattern, location w.r.t. switch etc.?

    - cfr
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    OK Looks like we have solved this issue (no thanks to Apple, or Dlink, who was at least more responsive). Setting the access points to run in G mode only (rather than B and G) seems to not only improved signal strength with Powerbook G4s but also allows them to stay on indefinitely. Proves once again that with a little extra fiddling Apples can be used as fully functioning computers. We love a challenge.
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    So powerbook G4s seem to be connecting for longer periods of time, but still having issues keeping them on wirelessly indefinitely. Happening randomly and not tied to going to sleep or the screen saver coming on, sometimes renewing the DHCP lease will renew the connection, sometimes not. Looks like I spoke too soon about macs being fully functioning computers. Challenge part duex.