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I need an advice, I was using FCP 5 without problem but I had to get my editings that were into the HD in my office as we have a dedicated G4 so I took the external HD to my house and copied the files into my new external HD at home.

The problem is my last project was on another external HD, I have moved this one too to the new HD so all my projects could be at the same place.

The problem is I probably deleted or moved FCp files too quick!!!

the result is when FCP loads many situations occur depending on what I do, I mean since it starting and stop at the end I tried several options like re copying the projects back to the HD's as FCp folders at the right place but nothing will do I can't use it anylonger!
it loads and stops then nothing like it never started.

I reinstalled the software but nothing changes, so I though u migh know the problem and tell me how to solve it so I could continue working at home!!!

thank you

Imac DVSE G3 400Mhz , Powerbook 150, Wallstreet powerbook 233Mhz, G4 Dual 450Mhz, Mac OS 9.1.x, OS7.1,OS9.2.2,OS10.1,10.3.9 - Airport snowDual base station & Airport card