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I am a new mac user, and I run the mac on a network that includes a few PCs and a Brother HL-1470n printer. Initially, the printer worked fine on the mac. I'm not sure what happened, but now I find I can no longer print. Every time I try to print, I'm told that the printer is paused; when I click resume the pause signal pops back after a second or two.

The Windows machines on the network have no trouble printing.

Any suggestions about how to unpause the printer on the mac?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    The pausing of the printer queue can be caused by an inability to connect using the selected protocol or find the designated port on the printer. Sometimes you can fix this by deleting the printer and resinstalling, ensuring you select the same protocol the PC's are using when you re-add. FYI - the standard TCP/IP port that often defaults to Port 9100 is known as HP Jet Direct Socket on the Mac. When you add, select IP Printer and then change the menu to HP JD.

    Another thing that can help is the Reset Printing System. With System Preferences > Print & Fax open, hold the Control key down and click inside the printer list. Reset printing system should appear and when you select it all printers will be deleted from the printer list, meaning that you will need to create the printer queue again (should be no need to install the driver again).

    If reinstalling the printer is no help, then you can open the printer queue and check the log. In the Print & Fax section, select the printer in the list and select Open Print Queue. WIth the new window open, select Printer in the menu bar and then Log & History. This will display the cups error log which can give clues as to why the printer queue is pausing. If you want to post this log info back here for help then do so. The E in the left column indicates the error and the data about that will pertain to the print job that ended in error. The last 10 entries should be plenty...

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    I have HP Laserjet M1005, i can print word documents but i cant print pdf documents, the status is printing then it turns to (stopped). Do you have a solution for that?