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I recently downloaded mp3s and drag and dropped onto Ipod touch in iTunes. In normal use when albums opened tracks usually start to play immediately. However, on more than one occassion several different albums have simply not played. Some albums do play after you touch pause then start the track. But I have a couple of albums that will not play no matter what you do. Also some tracks do play within an album whilst others dont. The tracks do play from within itunes via PC speakers but wont play on the ipod at all. Is anyone else having the same problems? Any solutions?

Hewlett Packard, Windows XP Pro, 1.8ghz 512MB Ram
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    Right click on the files and select "Convert to AAC". Then see if these new files work.

    If you still want the files to remain MP3, this document will explain the steps:
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    Thanks for the tip - it worked a treat and now it works. I did notice the problem I did have was only a problem for mp3 files that had a variable bit rate and not for those with a set bit rate. Maybe this is something for apple to consider.

    Anyway thanks for your help.


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    No problem, happy to help
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    I recently bought an ipod touch with a problem. Searching the Net brought me to this site. I want to move my Mp3 files from a DVD to the Ipod. I have already move the files into playlist on itune. I "synced" with IPOD but nothing happened. I changed the configuration of the IPOD to manual for me to drap and drop as mentioned by one of the contributor on this site--Nothing worked. I am thinking of returning it back to the store but would like to give it the last shot. Any suggestion would be appreciated


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    Thank you from me too. I had the same problem, but this time on an iTouch. Ironically, these mp3 files were playing on my wife's iPod but not my iTouch (don't worry, they weren't copyright material, just some non-copyright language listening files from a language school).
    Your suggestion has solved a problem that I was having hours of fun with.

    Huge thanks.
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    I recently bought an ipod touch 2G, as you guys mentioned MP3's do not work. I could add MP3s in the music library of itunes inmy computer. But, when I try to import library into itunes library of ipod, it does not work at all. Does any one has solution to this? If no solution, I am returning to store...thanks
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    Hi all.

    I think I've found a solution, I just bought an iPod Touch 2G, I have thousands of existing mp3s but was having the following problem:

    1) A large number of my mp3s would not play on the iPod Touch
    2) The ID3 tags seemed to be in order
    3) The mp3s would play in iTunes no problem on my PC
    4) After trying to play one of the affected mp3s the Ipod would often become unresponsive

    You can do one of the following to fix this depending on your environment and your own preferences:

    1) Converting the tracks to AAC (mentioned above) using iTunes works fine but I did not want to convert all my mp3s to this format (yet), and it was a slow process.
    2) Converting the tracks to mp3 (yes from mp3!) using iTunes also worked but doing this with iTunes was not ideal as it renamed them and put them in the same directory
    3) Download foobar2000 http://www.foobar2000.org/ Its a free mp3 manager and player for Windows, add the directory with your mp3s, select them all in Foobar, right click on them and select "Utils->Rebuild mp3 Stream" (make a backup if your worried). Synch these mp3s with your iPod using iTunes

    Number 3 worked best for me as it was a bulk operation and converted the existing files rather than making a copy. It must be something to do with the old software I used to rip from CD to mp3. Foobar2000 (and obviously iTunes) will write the streams in such a way that the Ipod Touch is happy.

    I also have iTunes configured to keep a copy of my music in the iTunes folder and to manually synch but I don't think that affects the solution.