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ScoobyQue Level 1 Level 1
The screen on my iPhone suddenly turned white and when I tried to reset the phone, the screen wont turn on now. I can still/feel hear when the phone rings, but I cannot see who is calling. Can anyone help me??

Dell Demension 4700, Windows XP
  • Tamara Level 6 Level 6
    If a restore doesn't correct the problem, you'll need to either call AppleCare or make an appointment at the Genius Bar.
  • drsailer Level 4 Level 4
    Try a second reset by holding the top and home button until you see the apple logo. If the screen still doesn't work, you should try to restore the phone.

    When you plug the phone into iTunes, is it recognized? If so, you can restore the phone from the summary tab. If a restore from backup doesn't work, try a restore to factory default settings. If still a no-go, Applecare or the Apple store should be contacted/visited to get a replacement, as long as the phone hasn't been damaged.

    If you decide to go to the Apple store, make sure you make an appointment with a Genius before going to make sure they will meet with you.
  • ScoobyQue Level 1 Level 1
    When I try to restore from iTunes, I get the message "iTunes could not sync ^0 to the iPhone 'scooby' because the iPhone is disconnected."

    The original reset I did was when I held the top button and home button. That is what made the phone turn off and not come back on.

    This is really frustrating. Now I have to put my sim card in my blackberry and use it until I get this straightened out.
  • drsailer Level 4 Level 4
    Then it sounds like Applecare or the Apple store should be your next call/stop.
  • ScoobyQue Level 1 Level 1
    I went to the Apple Store and talked to a gentleman at the Genius Bar. They swapped out my phone. It took approximately 5min.