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The MP3 files I created into ringtones are still rather low (even with the iPhone ringer set @ max). Is there a way to up the quality/volume on the original ringtone file, and THEN send it to iTunes as a ringtone?

What program can I use to do this?


Windows XP
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    Did you use an application or utility for this purpose?

    If so, does the application or utility include a volume adjustment for the segment of the song to be used as the ringtone when creating the segment?

    GarageBand on a Mac, which can be used to created ringtones, includes this option.
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    I cut it using an MP3 splitter, nothing else.
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    Suggestions on any programs I can use?
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    I'm trying to use a cpl of MP3 files as ringtones on my iPhone. I've cut them from my original mp3 files, and created ringtones out of them, but the sound is VERY low on them, even with my ringer turned all the way up.

    Is there any program that will allow me to input the mp3 file and increase the sound quality or something along those lines?
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    When I was running windows, I would use a program called Audacity to edit my ringtones for my Blackjack. You can increase the volume of the ringtone using this program, but I don't know how to export into itunes as a ringtone. If you have a mac, garageband makes it very simple to edit ringtones and export to Iphone.
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    with audacity, you create the snippet you want to use as a ring tone. From there you'll double click the file to get it to show up in Itunes. You then right-click on the snippet in Itunes and convert it to AAC format. You now click on the new snippet, one original format, the other AAC; change the file extension to .M4r and double click to play. It will now appear in you iTunes ringtone section.
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    I have that program, and have been trying to do that with it.

    I know it's not the rate, cuz that changes the entire speed of the sound.

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    I use Garageband if you have a MAc. It's excellent. Best program i think,
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    I've got windows.