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  • BWDC Level 1 (5 points)
    Just to add my two cents: I too have this problem of the occasional missing attachment. It happens randomly. I do not even get the paper clip icon, so I have no idea there is an attachment unless the body of the email mentions it. The solutions offered by others (download the attachment, try the "Next" alternative view) do not work. The download attachment menu item is grayed out, and the alternative views do not cause the attachment to appear. My only solution is to start up Entourage so I can read the attachment. Yes, my account is on the MS Exchange server at my university. It does seem that this is a problem that Apple really needs to address.
  • ramadev2309 Level 1 (0 points)
    os 10.5.6, mail 3.5 (930.3)

    this is happening to me for messages that i receive from hotmail.

    in a recent received message, 1 of 6 attachments comes through and is immediately visible, a 12kb jpg portion belonging to a vcf business card file.

    However, the other 900kb jpg files do not show up visually in mail.

    it does show up in the attachment column ("paperclip symbol" + "6 items") of the message viewer and of course in the raw source view.

    i tried the following as a test to see what would happen:

    i went to the webmail client to see my message and attachments and of course all was clearly there and visible.

    i forwarded the attachment to myself on my primary and a secondary account.

    i opened and downloaded new messages.

    the messages now clearly show all 6 attachments, nothing hidden, no tricks needed in mail.

    so i guess it has something to do with the format yes.

    bzzzzzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzzzz SWAT!!! time to squash the sucker!

    om shanti!

    rama dev
  • RosarioCarcò Level 1 (0 points)
    We have Exchange 2007 and users with Mac OS X 10.5x using

    The first series of mails showed that Mails arrived to Exchange and that Attachments were displayed on Windows Outlook client as myImage.jpg and ATT00001.c

    Replying or Forwarding those messages showed that the same Data travelled back through Exchange 2007 to the sender intact.

    So we wondered WHICH Component broke up the eMail into first chunck of text in eMail, second chunk the myImage.jpg Attachment and third chunk the rest of text into ATT00001.c

    We found that it was NOT the Exchange, but the sending in which you can choose your mail format. Being PLAIN TEXT it causes those mails to be split into something many users can not read correctly.

    Using RICHT TEXT instead, leaves the mail intact, with embedded images and text. With this option there are two questions: how to attach an image instead of embedding it inline and is RICHT TEXT not meaning HTML, as it does in Entourage?

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    I get this behaviour on Apple Mail when I receive messages over my institutions exchange 2007 from other users, none of whom are using apple mail, but PCs. I can usually view the attachments on my iPhone (same imap config as my imac), and on the OWA, but they do not appear in Mail, or in some cases some attachments appear, but others do not. This has been known by apple for a long time:
  • jw-slc Level 1 (0 points)
    My experience is consistent with that of Mark Batty and not that of RosarioCarco. My problem with missing attachments arose when my employer switched to Exchange 2007. The problem occurs seemingly randomly. It is not a function of the client used to sent the email and attachment. From a given user, presumably using the same settings from day to day, I sometimes see the attachments, sometimes not.
  • cupofassam Level 1 (0 points)
    Bingo - same here. With Exchange 2003 there was no issue at work. Now that we've switched to Exchange 2007, there is this issue of missing attachments sent by people using gmail or outlook or anything really. Also, deleting emails in Mail does not result in those emails disappearing from the OWA for at least two days under Exchange 2007. This is a Mail issue, and something about how Mail communicates with exchange 2007 is a problem/ Now, Snow Lepoard, we hear, is going to be Exchange compatible. Will it iron out these bugs with Mail and Exchange?
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    I continue to experience this frustrating problem. However, I do have a workaround: drag the message in question to another e-mail folder, and the attachment should appear as normal with the message in that new folder. Takes about two seconds.

    I actually have a separate EMPTY folder that I keep for this purpose. Since it's empty, the new message shows up immediately after dragging it over (i.e., if it were a folder that had a lot of messages, it would take much longer to appear due to the time Mail needed to synch with the server).
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    I am also having this problem on a newish Mac and it's beginning to drive me nuts. I receive a lot of emails with attachments and it's irritating having to chase down some of them. I can't believe that no one at Apple is doing anything to identify and rectify the problem!
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