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I have some problems with my macbook. I installed Leopard a while ago and it worked okay for a week or so, but then stopped. Now it just stays on the grey screen with the apple logo and the spiral. If I try to restart off the cd (the Leopard cd or the Tiger) it still doesnt work, I just get the same result.
I have tried to start it in secure mode, but then it tells me it cant start due to an error. I have attached a photo of the screen so that you can see what i am describing. It seems to me like it might be a hardware fault, but im not sure.
If you have any ideas I would me very grateful.

Thanks 4all

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5), Intel 2GB
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    If you want to check if it is an issue with Hardware, You can run Apple Hardware Test. You need to have install Disc1 that came with your mac.
    Here's how you do it.. http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=303081

    Good Luck
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    Last night i followed the instructions you gave me, the tests said that there were no problems, but the mac still doesnt start.
    It wouldnt let me install from a CD either. I come from the world of pc/windows, this all seems very strange to me.

    Any other ideas on what might be wrong or what i can do? Ive asked for the discwarrior, to see if this makes things any clearer and also i am going to do the firewall test with another mac. How much might a new hard disk cost? (im in spain, if it makes any difference).

    I've upload an image of error. The link is:


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    ok, I saw the screen it is now booting to, that is called as single user mode. I don't think so you have to replace with a new hard drive. Archive & Install might fix the issue. However before performing Archive & install, its good to backup your data using Fire Wire to a different computer. If not able to backup, your data will still be safe in HD/Previous System folder.
    Follow these steps to perform Archive & Install.
    - Start up from your Mac OS X Install Disc 1 or Install DVD.
    - Insert the 10.5 Install Disc and restart the computer while holding down the "C" key.
    - Select your language. The Welcome to the Mac OS X Installer window appears.
    - Click Continue. The Important Information window appears.
    - click Continue. The Software License Agreement window appears.
    - click Continue.
    - An agreement sheet appears. click Agree. The Select a Destination window appears.
    - Click the volume that you wish to install to. (Macintosh HD)
    - Click Options. The installation options sheet appears.
    - Select Archive and Install.
    - You should also select Preserve Users and Network Settings, to preserve network and Home directory settings.
    Click OK.
    Click Continue to begin the installation.

    Good Luck
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    That was the first thing i tried, but when i restart it, it doesnt reach the installation screen.
    It tries to read the disk, after a bit the apple appears, but the installer from the cd doesnt appear.
    Why might this be?
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    Hmmm, ok. Lets try this...

    Unplug all the External devices from the computer.

    1). Insert the Disc in.
    2). Hold down the Alt(Option) Key and restart the computer.
    3). Do not let go the key until you see the image of a hard drive on a gray screen(This might take about 2 Minutes after you restart the computer).
    4). If you see the install disc in that window, select that disc and click continue(Arrow).

    Doesn't work. Reset SMC (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1411) and try the above mentioned step again.

    This should boot to the disc, otherwise I would recommend you to take the computer to Service.

    Good Luck
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    The problem is solved.
    I boot with the alt button and reinstall the system.

    Thanks to all.