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I have 2 ipods, one new and one that I have been using for over 2 years. Neither will now play or show songs, even though they show and are downloaded from the itunes library. When added to the library, they went through the itunes coversion process. The songs show when I go to My Computer, but just won't show on the ipods. Any ideas?

Varies, Windows XP
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    Not sure I fully understand but if one used to work and one is new, sounds like a problem if neither one works. I killed the battery in my first ipod after one year. It was new but I used it constantly. I did not know what was wrong at first. My computer read it and loaded songs but it didn't work when I unplugged it.

    I just had some major problems with my computer and had to start using a newly created user account. I had to start with a new desktop and begin with new itunes library. Play counts were all 0 and I had to transfer all my music files from my hard drive to the new itunes library using a brand newly created user account. Might wanna try that, kinda fun starting with a new itunes library and making new playlists anyway. I think your 2 year old one may have dead battery, mine only lasted one year. Now I have six and rotate them so the batteries will last longer. I got one that is dead now and it might be the battery. Some of them are lemons and have to be exchanged.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks, I'll sure give it a try if all else fails.