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I cannot play my iPhone through from the headphone port through the AUX port on my 2007 Saab 9-3. I have successfully played my old iPod through the AUX port so I know it has worked. I have also successfully played the iPhone through the AUX port in another car (Honda Element). I have used three different cables, all of which are designed to work with the recessed port on the iPhone. The iPhone will play through two of my home stereos (out of the headphone port into the stereo AUX port).

I have discovered that payback is possible through the charging stand: by placing the iPhone into the charging stand and connecting the cable between it and the AUX port, I can successfully play music from the iPhone through the car speakers. So all is not lost. Still it seems odd that it does not play through the headphone port in the Saab, but will play through that port on two of my home stereos.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    I have the same problem with my Saab 95. I have tried everything except for your suggestion. I currently have my charging stand hooked up to my stereo, but I may have to unplug it and try it in my car since the charging stand that came with my Iphone has only a USB plug. I had originally taken my Iphone to 2 different apple stores and they couldn't figure out the problem. We may have to write to Saab!
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    My wife's iPod plugs into the AUX on my Toyota tundra and works fine. Using the same cable on my iPhone and it does not work at all. Turns out the line out plug in the iPhone is a different size from the iPod. $10 adapter from the Apple store fixed the problem.
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    Neil and freddy53,

    I've used three different, iPhone-compatible, cables to no avail... Interesting that this is also a problem with a Saab 9-5... I have written to Saab and, while very courteous and willing to help, suggested that the problem be presented to Apple before talking to the Saab dealer.
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    I have the same problems with a 2007 saab 93. aux will not work with iphone but works with ipod. sorry no solution
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    I have an iPhone and bought the AudioTroll from Granite Embedded Systems for my 2000 9-5 after trawling a range of Saab sites and forums since I don't have an Aux port on my AS2 Stereo.

    I can highly recommend the system, works well, track info displayed on the SID and if you use the Bluetooth Headset works pretty seamlessly for call support too...

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    I rented a Chevy Equinox recently; it has the same audio system as the Saab 9-3. It had the same difficulty playing audio through the iPhone headphone jack as well!

    Playing music from the iPhone through the AUX port only works if the iPhone is connected to the doc and the audio jack runs from the doc to the AUX port...

    So I bought an extra doc; at least I can now get it to work.
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    As a followup to my original (unanswered) question, I just bought an iPhone 3G and I can now connect the headphone jack to the AUX port (on my Saab 9-3) and it plays perfectly through the car stereo.
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    I purchased an aux cable of ebay and it works...the difference is the other end of the aux cable plugs into the bottom of hte iphone!

    so....search on ebay for "3.5 MINI JACK MP3 AUX CABLE " or "3.5 MINI JACK MP3 AUX CABLE FOR iPHONE iPOD CAR STEREO"...
    it was only like $8!

    it took me 2 months to resolve this...but soooo happy it works!
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    I have the same problem. My 2007 Ford Fusion takes a regular 3.5 aux cable and it plays my iPod no problem. But my iPhone witht he same cable doesn't play anything. So you're saying it's a different size cable?
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    hi neil
    which adaptor was it