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I was wondering if anyone has tried downloading footage from the Canon FS10 or FS11 into Final Cut Pro 6? They use flash memory SDHC cards. They are the standard definition versions of the Canon HF 10 and 100.

I know they are not listed as compatible, but thought since they are using SDHC cards that maybe they do work. I have read in the forum discussions that people who have the Canon FS10 and 11 and are able to edit the footage easily with iMovie 08.

Does anyone know if iMovie is able to read the footage from the F11's flashdrive, does that mean Final Cut Pro 6 will do it as well or not necessarily? I would like to use my Final Cut Studio 2 to edit the footage.

Has anyone tried these out with any success?

If so what did you think of the cameras as a whole. There is not much out there about them yet.


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