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As i changed my computer i lost the short movies i bought on itunes.Where are the movie files in the itunes files(name?) and how can i get it back or is it lost...Itunes is deffinitely not a sure system when changing computer(even by using the automatic transfer by starting my new mac).As i have the movies on my ipod , can i put them back from my ipod to my computer or is this forbiden and restricted???All this tells me buying this DRM files with control by apple is not a safe thing.....!Thank's for help.

Mac OS X (10.5.2), mac book pro 2008
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    Did you authorize your new computer with your iTunes account? You need to do that to play previously purchased downloads, after if you've copied/migrated them to your new computer (and you can have up to 5 computers authorized at a time). Go to iTunes > Store menu > Authorize Computer.

    Movies are stored in yourhomefolder/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library/Movies. TV Shows are stored in yourhomefolder/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library/TV Shows.

    Hope this helps...