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I'd like to find a solution (other than Apple TV and iTunes) for the following issue. I'm using the DVI output on my MacBook Pro (2 gigs, latest s/w rev) to send via a DVI to HDMI cable video output to my Sony ES amp. Trouble is of course that DVI doesn't support audio. I've bought a mini-rca to rca cable and mapping an audio port on my Sony amp to the appropriate HDMI port I'm able to get audio and video. Problem is of course that using the mini-rca I go through an DAC and loose all the digital encoding.

Is there any simple external USB or FW audio board that will be seen by, for example, VLC as an external audio destination and provide a TOS or coax connection output that would connect to my amp and keep the digital content.


Mac Mini Intel Duo Core & MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.2), 2 Gigs of mem