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Hi, I just upgraded my internet speed from 3 mbps to 6 mbps. My ISP is AT&T. I have a 2 wire wireless router. I used to be able to check the speed before Leo. I changed my setting over to DNS to help my computer run better.

Since upgrading, all video streaming has gone out the window. Cannot download movies from iTunes.
I get the message to check my internet connection. But I don't know how.

Could it be that my computer cannot handled a faster internet connection? PM G5 1.6 GHz. I upgraded because in wanted to download movies faster.

I'm also having problems changing pages, changing websites, even logging into support.

Do I have to go back to my old internet slower connection, or is there a workaround.



PM G5 1.6GHz Ti PB G4 Tiger iBook G3 Tiger, Mac OS X (10.5.2), PB G3 Wallstreet OS 9.2.2 Quadra 605 OS 8.5.1