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My Mac got brand-new vertical lines... As all now that is factory fault. Same as others, mine is from factory W8 (shanghai) sn W8605.... I started to search around for replacement screen. My Mac has LG Philips LM171W02 (TL) (B2) matrix.
My questions are:
• Did someone tried to replace that screen with other model
LM171W02-A4K2 B 151
LM171W02-A4M1 B 2,321
LM171W02-A4 B 6
LM171W02-TTA1 B 59
LM171W02-A4K2 B 151
LM171W02-A4M1 B 2,398
LM171W02-A4 B 7
• Is there possibility to repair matrix and how??
• Where to buy replacement lcd (considering that I’m from Croatia)

I founded lots of info’s regarding that screen, but nobody tried to replace (TL) (B2) lcd with other type of LM171W02 lcd.

For final question...If the screen has the same technical data will it work on imac (can the lcd be coded for special type of computer)

imac g5 17", Mac OS X (10.4.11)