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My Mac got brand-new vertical lines... As all now that is factory fault. Same as others, mine is from factory W8 (shanghai) sn W8605.... I started to search around for replacement screen. My Mac has LG Philips LM171W02 (TL) (B2) matrix.
My questions are:
• Did someone tried to replace that screen with other model
LM171W02-A4K2 B 151
LM171W02-A4M1 B 2,321
LM171W02-A4 B 6
LM171W02-TTA1 B 59
LM171W02-A4K2 B 151
LM171W02-A4M1 B 2,398
LM171W02-A4 B 7
• Is there possibility to repair matrix and how??
• Where to buy replacement lcd (considering that I’m from Croatia)

I founded lots of info’s regarding that screen, but nobody tried to replace (TL) (B2) lcd with other type of LM171W02 lcd.

For final question...If the screen has the same technical data will it work on imac (can the lcd be coded for special type of computer)

imac g5 17", Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    I'm currently trying to replace a cracked 17" screen in an Intel Core 2 Duo iMac with a working one from a 17" G5 iMac. The intel screen is an LG Philips part number LM171W02 (TL) (B2) and the G5 screen is an LG Philips part number LM171W02 (A4) (K2). The screens look identical but so far, when I hook up the LM171W02 (A4) (K2) from the iMac G5 to the Intel iMac the intel iMac will not boot. If I re-attach the old screen (LM171W02 TL B2) everything works fine, except for the nasty crack across the lcd of course! I've tried switching lvds cables and so far, no go. If I get it working I'll post my results.
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    Please keep us up to date. I have the ol' vertical stripe problem and was thinking of salvaging a junked 17" G5 iMac for a replacement screen. It will be frustrating if it turns out that my iMac requires a specific model(s) of screen.

    Here is a spec sheet for one of LG Philips's screens (not sure if this helps at all):


    I'm not sure what model of screen is in my system but I'm still trying to find more info.
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    Just wanted to give this a bump and see if you had made any progress with the A4K2 screen?

    I asked the same question of an Apple service agent and he felt that it wouldn't work. Though only because EEE numbers were different.
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    O.k. Here's what I've learned so far trying to fix a busted LCD on my 17" iMac Core 2 Duo (1st gen. with the x1600).
    LG Philips #
    LM171w02-A4 NO BOOT ( from a G4 iMac 800- will work on the G5 iMac though)
    LM171w02-A4 K2 NO BOOT (G5 iMac)
    LM171w02-TT A1 NO BOOT (G5 iMac w/iSight)
    LP171Wp4-TL B4 (from a PC laptop with a glossy screen) the LVDS cable socket is too small! and the mounting screw holes are completely different!
    LM171W02-TL B1 WORKS !!
    LM171w02- TL B2 WORKS !!

    The (A4) panels will not boot. The lamp plugs and the LVDS cable fit but the pinout is different and the LVDS cables have different wiring. Unless someone wants to try re-wiring a LVDS cable then it's not going to work.

    Right now I'm scouring eBay for a LM171w02-TL ## screen in decent shape.

    Good luck.
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    Thanks for that MrRogers01. Good luck with your quest. I have a funny feeling that these items are going be available at a premium. An Apple parts distributor in the UK wants £425+vat!
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    This courtesy of Google looks promising. www.InverterCentral.co.uk though I have had no dealings with them and they havent appeared in previous searches.
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    The panel listed in a previous post is not LVDS based but TMDS based. They are different. Also it is most likely that the various panels won't work because the EDID information that is stored on each panel is different. It would require reading the EDID information on your existing panel and re-programming the new one.
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    So will a G5 17inch panel work on a G4 iMac 1Ghz do you think ? I know it seems like a backward step but the G4's screen is cracked and the G5 has a logic board problem!

    I've also got a friend looking for a new panel to fit a 17inch iMac Intel - two years old and covered with vertical lines but I don't think Apple will recognise it as a defect.

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    I have the LCD panel LM171W02-TLB2 for Intel based 17" iMac, please contact me if you need one, email: gerrard727@yahoo.com.hk
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    I bought a LM171W02-TLB2 and replaced my old with this new one.
    After a few days, the new LCD panel began to display a vertical line. Now I have about 10 lines.

    I learned that the display glitch was caused by iMac itself not the panel.
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    Hi tyoh, new account? Your first post is very interesting.

    That's mean only Apple can fix this problem and we need to pay Apple again to fix it if we don't have the warranty? If Apple can really fix it, how come the "vertical line" problems still appear and appear and appear...

    Is that the quality of your replacement not good enough? If I were you, I will ask for exchange a new one immediately and confirm where is the problem, not just counting how many lines are coming up...after few days =]
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    I'm waiting for another replacement panel from the reseller.
    I bet it will be the same.

    One thing that I'd like to check. Does you iMac go sleep properly? I've been aware that mine didn't go sleep properly causing high degree of temperature. I was told by an engineer that vertical lines are caused by higher temperature.