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About 5 months ago I upgraded my Mac mini combo drive to a
pioneer K06 which has worked great until tonight.

Suddenly the drive won't recognize any DVD disc, including blank DVD's.
The drive will recognize blank cd-r's and regular software disks.
When I insert a DVD the drive just spins intermittently.....like it's trying to read the DVD but can't...........the DVD will eject.

I'm confused as to why suddenly DVD's can't be recognized.
Could this be a firmware issue? Virus?

Any thoughts/solutions would be greatly appreciated


Mac Mini, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    Most probably not a firmware issue or virus.

    Usually these problems are due to a dirty lens.

    But before you try a lens cleaning kit, you might try a SMC reset (if you have an Intel Mini) or a PMU reset (if you have an older G4 PPC Mini). Be sure to use the correct reset procedure for your model of Mini! Applying a PMU reset to an Intel mini can cause real problems.

    The G4 Minis have two USB ports on the back; the Intels have four USB ports.

    See, for example, this post for an explanation of the two reset procedures:

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    Hi Boece,

    Thanks for The response. I tried resetting the SMC (I do have an Intel Mini)
    in addition to repairing disk permissions, and using time machine to restore
    some extensions.
    No results thus far.
    I don't see how it could read anything except a DVD.......but I am a newbie.

    Thanks again for the response.
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    +I don't see how it could read anything except a DVD.+

    The CD lenses and DVD lenses are different -- so one can fail (due to dirt) and the other continue to work.