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I use Harmony Assistant to work with MIDI files..

For some reason the latest update of that software seems to export MIDI files that GarageBand will not recognize. (Can not drag and drop MIDIs into GarageBand).

QuickTime player loads them.
Sibelius 5 loads them.
Finale 2008 loads them.
Every MIDI player that I've tried loads them fine.
And the Finder/Quicklook plays them just fine.

What is interesting is that I created a one note MIDI file with a previous version of Harmony and GB loads it fine. I created the SAME file with the newer version, and GB simply does not recognize it.

I compared the 2 files in BBEdit, and they are IDENTICAL.

Since the files are identical, yet GB doesn't recognize one of them, is this a metadata issue? I've rebuilt launchservices.. Is there some other cache that would cause this? Is this a CoreAudio issue?

In talking with the Harmony developers, they say that since *every other App* can read/load the file, it must be a GarageBand issue.

Dual 2.5 GHz PowerPC G5, Mac OS X (10.5.1), 2.5 GB RAM
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    I have discovered what the problem is..

    Apparently the latest version of Harmony is not setting the proper file type/creator codes on exported midi files.

    The previous version set Midi/Harm for type/creator, while the new version used BINA/????

    I've notified the developers.