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Hi there guys, I was wondering if anyone else here has experienced massive glitches on the screen?

Something like this:

It happens whenever I use my computer for prolonged periods like few hours and/or when I task the CPU/GPU with with lots of application and processes. Upon a restart the computer works fine again until the next few hours or so. I have the Merom/Santa Rosa model with 4GBs of RAM but I have heard Penryn MB and MBP owners experiencing this same issue too. I have called up Apple Support three times and I have done whatever they told me to do aka running Apple hardware test and using a different account, heck I have even re-installed Leopard but still the problem persists. I am assuming that it is Software related but I would like to know if any of you guys have encountered this problem?

Apart from this appears to be some kind of liquid leaking from the crevice of the battery latch. It is not from the battery but appears to be coming from inside the computer. I have ran a check on Google and found out that it was in fact a processor coolant. There have been claims by those who open up the MB and MBP; that excessive amounts of this liquid has been placed inside the computer. I don't know if this is the case in my MB as I have not opened it up but I do notice excessive heat coming from it. The heat goes around 65-70C which is around a few hours of operation or when a few applications are open and running simultaneously. This is probably when the fan kicks in and goes off after a short moment.

I am beginning to think that the glitch and leaks are interrelated caused by the same thing and that being heat build up inside the case.

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Macbook Black 2.2Ghz, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    I have the same problem on mine - also Santa Rosa Macbook. 2GB RAM, seems random to me. Some screenshots are posted here:

    I don't have any problems with anything leaking; the only issue I had is with the light on the charger (which doesn't light up or indicate charging or full status with that little green/orange light). It also didn't start up for a period of time, I sent it in to Apple and they fixed it - although they told me they hadn't seen a laptop with the exact same problem before.

    Anyone else have problems with this or figure out what's wrong? Heat doesn't seem to be a problem with mine, although it gets hot it isn't horribly bad. I'll check the processor temp when I get a chance - know what yours gets to?
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    Around 65-70C
  • v1ct0r Level 1 Level 1
    I saw your post - its the same thing. Lol are you hoping to get a Aluminum Penryn/Montevina Macbook as a replacement?

    PS: I am actually the original poster, sort of have double accounts coz I unknowingly made another when I already had one for iTunes. I will be using this one from now on.
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    Yeah, mine is hovering around 63 right now, with video playback, torrent client, and 15 or so tabs in Safari. It is elevated though so it might normally be a little more hot than this.

    70 might be a little hot, but I would think that it would be able to take that. I'll keep an eye on my temp and if I get the glitches, I'll post here with the temps it happened at.

    Also, yes, I do plan to turn it in for an aluminum multitouch OLED gold-lined diamond encrusted Macbook 1337 edition.
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    Keep me posted if you are successful with exchange
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    Somebody on the MacRumors thread suggested to turn virtual private memory off. I haven't had it enabled, but if you have it on it might be worth checking out.

    I'll wait till WWDC rolls through to decide if I want to try to get it replaced...
    But that's probably just dreaming. Honestly, the Apple Store by me has had great service so far. They've replaced my iPhone twice, once for something minor and once for something that was half my fault. I don't want to push them.

    Still, if they end up having aluminum MacBooks? Worth a shot!
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    I have held from taking my MB to a service center just yet as being the only com I have - I badly need it at the moment being a student and all but I have to say that I would be lying if I haven't had that thought about replacing it for the new MBs.

    Anyway wouldn't you think it would be a lil far-fetched to have a completely revised product replacing your old one at the expense of the store? Wouldn't the policy be replacement for something of similar value. Sides, am sure Apple would have many Santa Rosa and Penryn models left in their store rooms if there was to be a replacement. If does happen then you are one lucky SOB, then again I have a funny feeling that the 10.5.3 might have somehow addressed the issue.

    Haven't had any glitches thus far but I will keep you posted.
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    i cant believe no one but us 3 have had this issue.. which i guess could be a good thing for apples case! But it happens every few days. my computer was on 3 days of up time.. and it did it.. sometimes earlyer depending on what processes i am doing. I plan on calling apple tomorrow ..again and tell them the problem happened. I still think its softwhere and not hardware. since i do a screen shot of it.. and it shows in the screen shot so it has to be in the softwhere right? or a driver?
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    Ok so I was wrong, the 10.5.3 hasn't fixed it yet. They would probably ask ya to bring it in into service center, tell us what happen.
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    It is indeed a software issue, you're right about screenshots!

    It happened again under 10.3 - I managed to fix it by relaunching Finder and putting the computer to sleep, but it's still a big issue. A common theme is that the laptop is on for a long time or is under a lot of processing demands... I wonder what time has to do with it.

    How much free space do you all have on your primary hard drive? 250GB drive, little over 20GB free (used to be as low as 7) with a partition for Boot Camp.

    I know it's unrealistic to expect them to give me a new and/or updated laptop, they've been really nice to me about replacing things when there's a problem. Still, wishful thinking, isn't it? We can all dream...
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    i called apple today. they are going to take in my macbook. Im even leaving a note with what happen and my screen shots attached to the mac so they know EXACTLY what happened. So then they can figure out the issue. I would also ask for them to tell me what the problem is so you guys can know what the issue is.

    it doesnt seem like this issue is wide spread though. Its definitly has to do with keeping it on for awhile.. but i dont think 3 days is awhile! And yes.. doing more intense stuff.

    I have about 60 gb of free spaces on my mac. 4gb of ram never useing more than 2 gb at a given time. I will keep you guys updated. Life with out my macbook for a week is going to be rough. My old iMac broke recently erk... i guess i'll have to dust off my toshiba laptop
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    Indeed it will be rough, hopefully it won't feel to long for you.

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    I just got back my macbook from APPLECARE. From the looks of it they replaced the logic board.

    the list they gave me was:


    not sure what all of that is.. but lets hope it fixes the issue! Of course i am weary, but hey.. they fixed almost everything inside my little macbook so if this does not resolve the issue it HAS to be software.

    I included the screenshots.. so hopefully that did put them in the right direction.. i will keep you folks updated.
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    Good to hear you got it back. Hopefully the issue is resolved.

    All this prob with the IGP just makes me wana avoid anything with IGP in it in the future. Its not just the glitches but performance when using Aperture or doing some editing work on FCP or iMovie or even just opening multiple safari/firefox windows for my research just badly hinders the smoothness. I have 4GB of RAM, so its just goes to show that x3100 is just not quite there yet, not even for Core Image.

    Well for light to medium use, its fine. The bat is good and so is the size though I wouldn't mind a lil smaller and lighter.

    Its a pity that they don't plan on reincarnating the 12" PB G4s. 15 is a lil bulky. Laptops should be small and pack a punch. If needed the screen real estate just hook up a monitor.

    Well, I will get myself a Nehalem C/ Calpella with the next gen nVidia sometime in 09, till then I think I will be happy with my lil Blackbook.
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