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I used my ipod last week until it had completely run out of battery. I plugged it into the computer to charge and it said please wait - very low battery. Apparently, when this happens it means you have to wait for half an hour before it starts charging. But after several hours there was no change. I plugged it into the wall charger and it said charging. Whilst plugged into the wall, I could access all my music etc. However, when I unplugged my ipod from the wall, expecting it to have charged, it still hadn't charged and I had no battery again. It still won't be recognised by my computer and it just won't charge!

Can anyone help?


Ipod Video 30gb, Windows XP
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    I notice at the bottom of your post it states that you have a 30GB video iPod, presumably this is the one you are posting about. (In that case, it's not a Classic, but this is the Classic forum, and since the Classics are recent models, none of them should yet have a dying battery problem.)

    If you are posting about the 30GB video, how old is it? Perhaps the battery has come to the end of its life and needs to be replaced. I own a Classic and a 30Gb video, and the 30Gb one recently had just that problem. As a rough test, when you used the wall charger, did the battery "fill up" and maybe even give the battery full indication? If so, when you unplugged it, how long did the battery last, playing music not videos, before running out? (I think mine lasted just a few minutes.)

    If the battery does need to be replaced, I took mine to an Apple agent who charged me £50 (50 UK pounds). You'll get back a different iPod believe it or not, which means you need to re-load all your music on to it.
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    Thanks for your reply. No it's not a classic - I don't know where that came from!
    I don't know how old the ipod is as I got it on ebay (dodgy I know!) but it has worked fine so far and I've had no problems. I will contact the seller and ask though. When I used the wall charger it just said it was charging but never said charged. When I unplugged it, it wouldn't turn on, as if it had no battery. Yet it said charging when I plugged it in!
    So I don't know if the battery has died, it didn't run out really quickly - it never turned on. I just can't get it to charge.

    Thanks for your advice on getting a new battery, I will do so when I am sure of the problem.