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I recently applied an open firmware password to our Macbook Pro.

A co-worker tried to boot via the t-funtion which obviously doesn't work when the open firmware password is active. He forget to contact me so he tried to get it to work using some startup shortcuts. The folowing he had done:

* starting up while holding shift;
* starting up while holding command + option + P + R;
* having the accu out for a while
* starting up while holding shift and let the Mac on for a night

It seems that starting up from the Macintosh HD seems somehow blocked. THe system hangs on the Apple grey splashscreen with the loading icon turning.

I tried the following:

* Tried resetting PRAM using Option + Command + P + R (didn't hear any chimes);
* Trying to reset Open Firmware Password using Option + Command + O + F (nothing happens)

The most promising solution came when holding down the Option key: I got the lock and entered my Open Firmware Password. I was able to boot from the install disc. In the disc utility I verified the hard disk and repaired some permissions. I didn't get error messages. THen I used the startup utility and selected the hard drive as startup disk.

But when I restart the computer, it still hangs on the splash screen. So for now i've run out of ideas.

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Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    I'm now gonna install Mac OSX again from the dvd to see if that works, I'll keep you informed
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    With intel Mac they changed to EFI firmware so a lot has changed. From reading this I think if you can get to install disk utilities then why not uncheck +Require password to change Open Firmware settings+ on Firmware Password Utility and that should free up the troubleshooting steps you list above that are blocked. Reinstall of OSX seems logical to attempt. Sadly without further testing could be hardware issue too, need to contact apple authorized service provider in this eventuality. One thing to bear in mind was whether your co-worker altered the firmware in any way, this might invalidate Apple One-Year Limited Warranty, AppleCare Protection Plan, or other AppleCare agreement.
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    I don't know exactly how he could change the firmware. He certainly does not know the password. Reinstalling Mac OSX did eventually work for me, but it's not the solution I was looking for. The next time I'll check the password utility first.
    I'm currently thinking of not using the Open Firmware passwords, cause I don't see the advantages for MacBook Pro's. For Mac Pro's however I think it's a decent solution to avoid misuse.

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    Probably not a worry then. EFI isn't all that secure, especially if other have access to the MacBook Pro itself, so I think it isn't a huge extra risk not to bother with password.