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Hi Guys,

I am new to XCode 3 and have a few annoyances that I am sure there is a solution for but which I cannot find. I thought I would ask here:

1. Code Completion member list expansion - is there a way of getting this to occur automatically rather than pressing ESC?

2. Syntax-aware indenting -

I like laying things out like this:

namespace CAD

AU::AU(Component pComponent, ComponentDescription *pComponentDescription, std::string sComponentName )
// blah blah

} // namespace CAD

So even though the code is within the tags for the namespace I want it to start at pos 0. With Syntax-aware indenting turned on XCode always wants to tab everything over that exists in a namespace. Is there a way of stopping this?

3. in-place editing - I have XCode set up using the "All-In-one" layout, when I single click on a file in groups & files or on an error the file appears in the editor panes as expected, lovely. If I double click a new window opens. Is there a way of stopping it opening the new window?

4. Code-Completion - Doesn't seem to work for my own classes (apart from the one I am editing), is this normal?

Any help on these would be really appreciated.

All the best


MacPro and MacBookPro, Mac OS X (10.5.2)