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I have a new laptop and I am trying to install itunes on it. I already have an itunes account with 2500 songs on it (thankfully backed up on an external hard drive) and I was wondering how I can find this account for my new laptop.

I have downloaded itunes and when I add the ipod I am being told it is already synched to another library. If I try to erase and sync I lose a couple of albums that were purchased directly from the itunes store.



Dell, Windows XP
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    You're post is a little vague. Are you asking how you get your previously purchased music onto your new laptop? If so, store policy states that you can download ONLY once, even though you may have up to 5 authorized computers. You will have to use a secondary method such a burning data discs, a flash drive, or external hard drive to move purchases onto the new laptop.
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    i have a similar issue. i recently got a dell laptop for college and am wanting to transfer my library from my desktop computer to my laptop. i have tried saving the music to a portable hard drive but when i loaded it on to the laptop itunes was saying that it could not find the original source. next i tried another option that i found on a forum on this site and went through preferences and was able to view the ipod as a mass storage device. But then when i tried to import it onto the laptop it only wanted to do the purchased songs and i want to move the entire library from desktop to laptop. any suggestions?
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    Sorry to be vague. I am trying to find my existing account on Itunes that I have had for years. However, I have a new laptop so I have had to install Itunes again. My library is saved on an external hard drive so I have had no trouble importing that in but when I try to synch my Ipod it is losing some of the purchases I made from the itunes store. I have paid for these once so I do not want to buy them again!!!
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    Did you try re-authorizing some of the problem purchases that won't sync to the iPod?
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    How do I do that?

    Is there no way of finding my existing Itunes account on a new laptop? This is crazy!!!
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    All you have to do is log-in to your account in the store like you always do, by clicking on the account icon in the upper right corner of the store's main page.