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i have absolutely no idea why, but all my songs on my ipod are gone!! their still on itunes, so i can put them back, but i have no idea what happened! i manually manage my music, so its no something with syncing...because i dont sync, i click and drag. earlier today, i had my ipod plugged into my computer. and then i had closed itunes. when i opened itunes back up, my ipod wasnt on the source list, so i unplugged it, then i plugged it back. when i plugged it back, it said that itunes could not 'read it'. then i unplugged it, and plugged it back, and it was all good. now, maybe all my songs got deleted off it then, i dont know, because i let it finish charging, ejected it, and brought it in my room, and about 5 minutes ago, i went to listen to a song, and there are NONE. my videos are gone too. but all the bookmarks are there! and my photos are there, emails are still there, settings arent changed, and my home screen is the same as when i left it. so its not resored, is it? i just want to know what happened so i dont do it again!! help would be appriciated.

HP, Windows XP, XP media center edition
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    hi! i am afraid I do not have an answer to this problem but just to say it happened to me too, last night I plugged my ipod into my computer to charge and then looked at my ipod to play some music and EVERYTHING was gone. Videos, Music, Podcasts.....EVERYTHING!I don't understand what I have done to do this and am very upset because I manually manage my music and while I do have a number of songs in my itunes, there are still approx 1200 songs which are now lost until further notice when i can spend the time and energy putting them back on my ipod plus some of the music is no longer available to me so would mean downloading it to replace it. I havent't a clue why this has happened but i want some answers!!!
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    yeah, i manually manage too. and it took FOREVER to put back 700 and something songs on my ipod! but, gosh. 1200...that'll take literally forever! i dont understand why this happened still, but im glad im not the only one. i think it might have something to do with me buying the jan. upgrade about a day before this happened. im not sure though.
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    I have had exactly the same problem this morning with my 2 week old, 32GB Touch. The music and video are gone, although photos are still there and looking on the iPod itself, the space remaining is as if the files are still on it. On top of that, although it has the most up to date software, I am having to reset to factory settings and download the 165MB software again. Just hope when the synching is finally able to be done it gets me back the "lost" memory.
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    This is why I don't manually manage my library. It's hard to keep track of what I do or don't have on my iPod this way. My library would disappear for no reason and it was very frustrating.

    Try the syncing and see if that works better for you...
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    i have to manually mange because i share a library with my brother, and together we have over 1,000 songs, and he has an ipod too, so we manually manage, its alot faster than having to check all the songs you want to sync, just to have him come behind me, and check HIS songs. and yes, im aware that there's a way to have a separate library, but then id have to transfer all my music which would take forever.

    im very glad that im not the only one experiencing this problem, and if it happens again, im contacting apple. thanks people. =]
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    Instead of manually managing music, you also have the option of Syncing only Selected playlists (This option is on the Music tab, the one behind Summary). I use this to manage three different iPods and one iTunes library. Faster than checking and unchecking, much less hassle than manually managing.
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    i manually manage and i find it really easy. its simple; i get a new song, and then drag it onto my ipod. i nevre get more than 15 at a time. this person is just saying that since all their songs were deleted it took a long time to put them back.
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    I have had the same problem with my itouch 32gb. I returned the first one that did this back in March and had the same problem with the new one. I tried manually managing as well as auto syncing my music but this happened either way. The only thing that I have done differently recently is turn off the wireless. Since doing that I have not lost my music or videos. I called apple service and opened a ticket on this, but they said that they were unaware that others have had the same problem. I think it's some problem with the itouch software rather than a windows vista problem, especially since I've seen this thread and see that there are a wide mix of computers and operating systems for Itunes experiencing the same problem. Good luck. I hope Apple fixes this.
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    yah i was putting songs on my ipod touch and when it was done syncing and everything i unplugged it then i went to listen to a song and everything was deleted my songs, photos, contacts everything i never pressed retore or anything and i dont get my songs from the itunes store i download them from limewire but then delete them once there on my ipod so i was wondering how do i get all my stuff back
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    You'll need to go to Limewire and steal your songs again.
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    thats fucken gay and ridiculous
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    Not really. The Touch is to take your stuff "on the road," not meant to be the only place you keep anything.
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    thats even dumber
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    I don't care what anyone says, this is an Apple Software issue. Randomly my Apps will cease to function, try to open and close, so I power down and power up, only to find my songs and videos are deleted also.

    I hope Apple fix this, cos it's not acceptable. I'm geting pretty tired of syncing and restoring.