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I am a little unclear on how to set up Time Machine between 2 Macs. I would like my MacBook to be able to back up to an external drive on my mini. Both are running Leopard. How do I get TM to recognize the disk on the mini? I have set up Sharing on the mini to share the disk as an AFP share.

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MacBook C2D, mini CD, Mac OS X (10.5.3)
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    Oops. Wasn't mounting the shared volume. Works now.
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    Fixed it re comments.
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    I'm new to Macs so how exactly did you do this? I have a MP with a connected USB drive for TM. I want to back up my MBA over the WIFI network to TM. I understand that you have to have the MP up and running but I'm unclear about setting up sharing as I don't want anyone other than the MBA to be able to connect to it.
    Thanks in advance.
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    yes! I need help too! I have a wireless network going in my house. The iMac I have is plugged into my external hard drive, but I want to be able to back up my powerbook without having to plug it into the external every time.

    any tips? is this even possible? thanks
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    Can anyone help with these queries above please?

    I haven't started using TM yet but want to use it to backup my MBP to my old PB.
    Does this work?
    Will I need a firewire cable, or can I use my existing WiFi network?

    I can't seem to find the answers to thse questions anywhere...
    Many thanks

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    This is what I had to do.
    1) Share the drive from the 'server' computer.
    2) Connect to the sharing computer from the laptop
    3) Open the shared drive
    4) In the open drive window, drag the proxy icon in the title bar to the devices section of the sidebar.
    5) Now, you should be able to select that drive as the Time Machine backup.

    When it is time to backup, TM mounts the drive, backs up, and unmounts the drive.