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I'm trying to use the Bonjour the chat and transfering files with internal network!But i can't change the Name/ID of the Bonjour like what AIM Buddy List can do!!

C'ld anyone help me?Is the Bonjour Name/ID automatically logon with Computer Login Name?or...??

Help help..Thanks!
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    help help
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    Bonjour uses your computers name, if you want to change it go to sys prefs/sharing.

    Why do you want to change it.
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    tut tut,

    iChat Bonjour uses the Address Book as the ID.

    Go to the Address Book and change your Last name on one computer to (defcom) iMac

    Now bring the Bonjour Window to the front.

    6:26 PM Saturday; May 31, 2008
  • Defcom(UK) Level 6 Level 6 (15,345 points)
    LOL My brain hurts.
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    True enough. Now tell me how I can use MY address card for the buddy instead of theirs. I want specialized information for the bonjour buddy that they don't have in their address card.

    iChat lets you open and see their address card info, but you can't use your own address card instead.

    Kind of dumb.
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    I am not sure what you mean.

    I have been to my Address Book on my G4 and done similar to what I posted to Defcom to make the point.
    I changed my Last Name using the Edit Button to G4 So now the G4 computer reads that the Bonjour Buddy List reads Ralph G4 and the G4 displays on the MacBook Pro as Ralph G4

    I have not changed the Address Book entry for the Me card on the MacBook Pro so it read as Ralph Johns.

    On the G4 I have a Address card for the MacBook Pro and one for the G4 that essentially are both Me. (The Me Card is attributed as described).
    I use just the Screen Name entry on the MacBook Pro in iChat and have not bothered with a second Address Book card for myself there.

    There is an entry point for your Profile (AIM Only) that is in the iChat menu.

    If you mean you are someone else's Admin account on a Mac and have a AIM or Jabber Name in their iChat that you use, the Bonjour will still list them as the Scree Names there.
    You would have to have your own Address Book entry and change their Me Card to your entry. Remember to change it back as it will be the entry on the Header info on their Emails otherwise.

    8:41 PM Tuesday; June 3, 2008
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    What I mean is the ability to use an address card from MY address book for another person on my bonjour list. Bonjour display buddy icon and information based on THEIR ME card. I may have additional or different information for that buddy that I want displayed (like a different picture).

    Say I have Sarah on a Bonjour buddy list. The picture I see and the information I get is from HER Me card in HER address book. But I have a card for Sarah in MY address book with a picture I want to use and with some different information that I want to know about Sarah. iChat doesn't let me use Sarah's card from my Address book as her buddy information over bonjour.

    If you can figure out a way to let me use a card from my address book, that would be great, but I'm almost positive you can't, and it's stupid.
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    I have used the Apple and I keys (Get info) to bring up the iChat Info as you describe.

    I notice that the Tick in the box for Use this Pic is greyed out so that you can not change it.
    The Pic itself is in fact the Pic from the iChat on the MacBook Pro and not the Address book on that computer. This is a minor point as, like you describe, essentially it is under the Buddy's ( Sarah ) control.

    I went as far as checking the pic on the AIM screen name for the same MacBook Pro as it shows on my G4.
    At first it was NOT showing the Pic from the Mac Book Pro but in fact the Pic from the Address Card on My G4 even though it is Unticked for "Always use this Pic" Starting a chat with each other over AIM sorted that out.

    As you go on to say the option to choose the Address Card from the Receiver's Address Book is also greyed and unchangeable.

    It does seem a bit odd that even though it is a a Bonjour Buddy it can not be linked to a AIM or Jabber type Screen Name and possible Address Book entry on your own computer.

    There does not seem to be a way to change this.

    Seems it is time for http://www.apple.com/feedback/ichat.html

    7:30 PM Wednesday; June 4, 2008
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    wow..seems a lot of user doesn't know how's the Bonjour ID gonna change...haaa...

    Awesome Ralph Johns,I just Delete My Personal Contact/so call business card from the Address Book...Now go to Apple-System Preferences-Account and change my ID...Everything's OK now!!!

  • Ralph Johns (UK) Level 9 Level 9 (70,005 points)
    Glad you are sorted.

    Thanks for the Points.

    When you set up a Mac for the first time it asks you for your name and other details. as part of the process it checks for any info that is linked to an Apple ID you may already have.

    The process does not make it clear that the info will also go to make the first Entry (other than Apple) in the Address Book or what the Short Name is used for exactly or that the whole name will in fact become the Computer name.

    There can be confusion on a Bonjour Network if the computer names are the same as well. As more recent versions of the OS seem to pick the Hard Drive name as the Computer name you can end up with several that say "At: Macintosh.local" in the Sharing pane.

    7:18 PM Friday; June 13, 2008