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I'm trying to get this printer to work with my new MacBook Pro. I plug it in, go to System Preferences, Print & Fax, Add the printer under default, and when it searches for new drivers, it can't find any... does anyone know where you can download drivers for any printer for Mac OS X? This way, I'll just have it point to the driver saved.

I have the same problem at work with my Samsung ML-1710.

15-inch MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.3)
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    *"does anyone know where you can download drivers for any printer for Mac OS X?"*

    The printer maker's website would be my first guess.

    Otherwise, search Google.
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    There may be a problem here in that the HP Laserjet 1018 is just for Windows as far as I know. The HP Laserjet 1022 works with Macs. HP just lists Windows drivers for the 1018 on their web site. I don't know if there is any possibility that the 1022 driver would work since the printers are so similar.

    If this is a new printer, and you can't get it to work, you might talk to HP about exchanging it for the 1022. I have one of these, and it works like a champ.

    Good luck!
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    Alright I'll check that out. And the printer driver for the 1022 is in Mac OS X? I'll try using it or maybe I'll just buy a new printer. Mine is on its way out anyways lol. I may look at Canon or Epson this time around... not sure... HPs are decent, but I might take a look at some alternatives. Do you know of any more Mac friendly printers, and if one brand is usually more compatible that others? I've always hear that its HP as the most friendly.
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    I don't really know--when I installed Leopard I trashed all the printer drivers that were included and then installed just the ones I needed from the HP web site. The included printer drivers take up 4 GB or something ridiculous, so I just got rid of the lot along with all the languages I don't use.

    If you are near an Office Depot, check out their sales. I got my HP 1022 Laserjet for $99 with a $100 mail in rebate. And just recently I saw a fancier model that also scans and maybe faxes for $129 on clearance.

    For some reason, HP makes some printers for Windows only and a little more expensive version for both Windows and Macs. The 1018 and 1020 are both Windows only as I recall, but the 1022 is for both Windows and Macs. If you get one new, it should come with a CD which will contain the driver. The reason for going to the HP web site and downloading the driver is to be sure you get the latest version, and to be sure the version you download is the right one for your OS. Because Apple keeps updating the OS, third parties also have to keep updating their software to be compatible with the latest version of the OS. That is why the drivers which come with the computer and the CD's which come with the printer can eventually become dated and too old to be compatible with the latest version of the OS. If you are looking at a new printer, be sure to check the manufacturer's web site to be sure there is a driver compatible with the version of the OS that you are running. Since you seem to be running Tiger, chances are that the drivers will be compatible. If you upgrade to Leopard, you might need to download a newer driver.

    Also, when you are looking at printers in a store, it should say on the box if it is Mac friendly. Look for the blue Mac happy face. It should also list the OS versions it works with.

    I have never had a Canon, but I had an Epson inkjet that I hated--expensive refills, and if a color ran out, it wouldn't print black and white, even with a full black cartridge. So I don't like Epsons, but I never tried one of their laserjets.

    Also, if the printer is listed on the Apple web site, sometimes there are some reviews by people who have bought them. That kind of feedback can be helpful when deciding among different printers--at least you will probably hear about any problems.

    Good luck!
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    I checked with HP customer support - the Laserjet 1018 is Windows only, there are no drivers.
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    The HP Laserjet 1018 absolutely does NOT work with MacOS.
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    Follow ALL instructions.

    For HP 1018/1020, etc.