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I know, I know. I should have gotten a case.

But, here I sit with a cracked iPhone Screen. It still works perfectly fine, it just has a set of nasty cracks across the screen.

Is this something Apple can/will fix? How much would it cost to have it repared?
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    Accidental damage is not covered under the warranty. Although your iPhone and iPhone's screen may be working perfectly fine now, it probably won't last.

    If an 8GB, you can have your iPhone "repaired" for $249 plus tax, which will be an exchange for another iPhone, and will include a warranty. Apple doesn't perform repairs for individual parts such as the screen, etc. It is either what amounts to an exchange for a new iPhone at a discounted price from the retail price, or purchasing an new iPhone at retail.

    There is probably a 3rd party repair facility that would replace your screen only - which involves more than replacing just a piece of glass, but probably not for a whole lot less, which won't be a completely new iPhone that includes a warranty.
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    I got my screen repaired through my iPhone insurance @ www.icoverpro.com.

    You have to sign up and be a member for 30 days, then you can file an iClaim.

    Its only $8.99 per month with a $100 deductible.

    Good luck.
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    That deductible is pretty stiff. It's going to run you over $200.00 through them anyway, plus he has to wait 30-days to get it fixed. Third-party repair places will repair it for $200.00 right away. Once they crack it open, the warranty is void also.

    It's a real good deal, for them. Their cost on the screen is probably even less than the $100.00 deductible, so they may even make money on the repair.

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    That insurance isn't a very good deal for the consumer.
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    My friend has a Blackberry Curve he paid $99.99 for from T-mobile. His insurance is 6.99 per month with a $100 deductible. So getting iPhone insurance from iCover isn't a bad idea considering the iPhone cost $300 more than the Blackberry Curve and they both have the same $100 deductible.
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    A rider on a homeowner or renter policy is probably cheaper in most cases. Heck, a lot of credit cards will cover replacement costs if a device is lost or damaged.