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I have recently upgraded from OSX 3 to OSX 4.2, both disks successfully loaded and my previous files in place. However when I attempt to connect through NetZero (through its own internet connect window), the internal modem does not dial. I have re-configured the Mac internet connect to NetZero and it does dial the correct number but I then get a failed to authorize message. I contacted NetZero and they are sending an upgraded version of their software, but I don't think that will solve the problem.

emac, Mac OS X (10.4.2)
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    So it does dial ("...and it does dial the correct number...") or it does not dial ("... the internal modem does not dial")? Please clarify.

    Can you listen in on a phone extension to verify that you have dial tone, that you hear the computer modem dial, and NetZero answers? Are username/password info saved in your keychain? Try launching keychain access and try to repair keychain, or delete any entries pertaining to netzero login and next time you connect, save login info to keychain.
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    For less money you can get Dial-up that doesn't require any Software, I use this...

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    Thanks for the reply, I was able to follow your suggestions but they did not help.
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    Thanks. If the new software from NetZero doesn't change things, then there's no reason not to try your suggestion - they are about the same price.
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    So it really is dialing and you hear NetZero answering on an extension phone?

    And no way that your username or password is incorrect? I assume that you've paid a visit to here?
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    When the internet connect window dials, I hear the dial tone and messages suggest everything is OK until authorization - then it fails. The fail to authorize is usually either incorrect password or member ID - I have double and triple checked that I entered those correctly. What puzzles me is where it was dialing from the NetZero window before upgrade to OSX 4, now it's not. I received the upgraded NetZero software but that didn't change anything.
    Thanks for the NetZero link...I've been working with them as well.