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I downloaded a TV program (Tudors) from iTunes and planned on watching them on a TV. I've been able to make the sound work, but not the video. I'm using an S cable and have also tried using a cable that has an S plug on the PowerBook end and a gold video cable on the other end. I am not hooking directly in to a TV, but into the auxiliary inputs on the front of our receiver. We have a fairly complicated sound system and that is how the sound people told me to connect. My PowerBook manual says using the F7 key should allow dual viewing, but it has not worked. I'm using Leopard.

I would appreciate any and all suggestions!


Power Book G4, Mac OS X (10.5.3)
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    This could be an obvious question, but is the receiver switched to display from that video input?

    The F7 key shouldn't matter because either way, you should see some kind of Mac image on the TV, whether it's a blank desktop (indicated Extended Desktop mode) or the main menu bar and desktop (indicating mirror mode). What would matter more would be the Detect Displays button, or the Detect Displays command on the Displays menu icon. If you click Detect Displays and the TV remains blank, there is an issue either with the receiver's video input setting or maybe the cable.
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    Thanks for your reply. The receiver's video input is set on auxiliary, which is where I have the cable plugged in. I've tried different cables to make sure I did not have a bad cable. When I did the "detect displays", it did detect the TV, but would not display from the PowerBook. I've tried it with two different receiver's in our house.
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    I solved my own problem.