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I was working on my laptop yesterday and it just all of a sudden shut down and now I cant bring it back up. The battery power was at 80% or so according to the icon, but when I pushed in the battery button (after it shut off) to see how much power is there none of the little green lights come on. I have had my laptop for 1.5 yrs, and in reading about the battery life I understand that this is about the time that one needs to be replaced. No big deal, I have no problem with that. My problem is that most of the discussions indicate that even with a dead battery the MacBook should still operate when it is plugged in. This is not working either. The magsafe shows a green light on the power cord, which I assume indicates that the cord is working, but my laptop still wont come up. Any suggestions other than taking it in to the Genius Bar?

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    Will it run off AC power if you remove the battery altogether?
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    Here is my suggestion. Follow what is written in this link:

    If it still doesn't work, try starting up from the original system disk. Make sure your hard drive mounts. Possibly you need to re-install the system software.
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    Hey there,

    I am having exactly the same issue as you. The first time it happened my mac just shot down after 20 minutes of us (the machin seemed not to be too hot). I brought it for repair but nothing was done as the macbook was working fine.
    THis happened to me another time 2 days ago and it just looked like dead, even if I tried without the battery. Surprisingly, my mac turned on ALONE the following day without anything done or touched (kinf od crazy).

    I tried to reinitiate the RAM and PMU with no success.

    I heard this may come from the SMC or EFI version. I suggest you look for elements on this topic. More precisely, it seems that when you update your OS, firmware updates do not always work which could disturb the power management (as far as I understand. If I am wrong I would appreciate if someone can correct this). So check the availability of your firmware (Boot ROM elements in mac Information) and you may have to update it.

    For more information:



    I intend to update my SMC because I have the 1.13f3 version which us different from the 1.4f12 that seems required according to the Apple Website. Plus, I do not have any other solution in mind and AppleCare staff does not have any idea to resolve that point (in Paris). I will give some news about that.

    By the way, could someone explain why an older version seems required for Macbook SMC ? (1.4f12 corresponds to 10.4.8 and not 10.4.11).

    I hope this will help you.

    Best regards.