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I have a ****** problem, I try to connect my airport express with the orange livebox that i have. It works without security, then i have tried all sorts of security available on the livebox but no succes. I'll give a overview of the infrastucture that i have:

Orange livebox: With cable connection to my airport extreme 2,4Ghz "n"
Imac with extreme "n" card
Macbook with extreme "n" card
Airport express "g" ; usb port to printer , sound port to speakers.

I have my "n" wireless network running smoothly

What i want to do is create a secondary wireless "g" network
Mainly to make sure the two protocols don't interfere

The livebox i have has a "g" wireless card in it.
So i tried to connect it with my express and it worked perfectly without security.
When i try to secure it with wpa, wpa2, and last resort wep, no go, it won't connect
I live in an appartment building so i like to have some security in place.
When i do a network search i can find arround 15 networks, and i'm not planning to be the ISP of half the neighbourhood.

So does anybody know how to connect a express to the livebox (with WPA)

Hope someone can help me and thanks for all the thoughts in advance.

Greetings Richard.

imac"alu" + macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.3)
  • richardwig Level 1 Level 1
    Update: It works:

    Settings livebox: Macfiltering on, WPA TKIP.
    AE: Dhcp on.

    And make sure you dont put a space behind your password in the livebox.
    Did cost me a few hours to figger that out.
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    Can you be a bit more detailed with how you did this?

    I also have a livebox and I want to set up wireless printing and have the apple network set-up as opposed to the livebox one.

    I would appreciate any help you could offer me.


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    I just setup my AE to extend my signal reach and use it for streaming itunes tracks to my hifi. Previously I had just been using an Ethernet cable to connect to the Livebox which was easy but this way will do it wireless.

    I recorded all the steps so I can do it again in future with no hassles (hopefully!). Here's what I did:

    _Set-up Live Box_
    Type into browser
    Password: admin Username: admin
    Configuration>Advanced>Wifi and choose WEP Password Only.
    Save Settings and exit Livebox Setup

    _Configure Airport Extreme_
    Unplug Airport Express from power socket, hold down reset button and plug in holding button until orange light flashes. It should now take about 45 seconds until the AE is ready to connect to computer again.
    Open Airport Utility
    Select Manual Setup
    Select 'Switch' to connect Airport Extreme
    Set a new Password for Airport Express and note it for future reference
    Select 'Extend a Wireless Network'
    Select the LiveBox network you want the express to connect to under Network Name
    Ensure allow 'Wireless Clients' is ticked
    Ensure "WEP 128" bit is selected
    Enter $ then your WEP key for livebox
    Press 1 to put livebox in pairing mode
    Wait a bit then try connecting to the internet and test itunes.
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    Can this work with WPA security and I have a Bebox - any difference on this?

    I just can't seem to get my AX to join my wireless network (they are quite a distance apart) but I can stream itunes to my AX downstairs but I need to change my wireless network on my imac to the AX and then I can't use internet upstairs on the imac - it's very annoying.

    any suggestions as an addition from your posts above ?