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I have a HTC Touch Dual (T-Mobile/MDA Touch Plus) in the UK and have Web&Walk all set up on it. However much I've tried, search for answer, I still cannot use the phone for bluetooth pan/internet modem on my brand new macbook. (I was able to do it on my iBook, different phone) It was supposed to be easy, just connect internet sharing and it would work, but it's never that simple.

I can connect the two through Windows Mobile 6.1's internet sharing and bluetooth (but only for sharing files). I also have MissingSync if that makes any difference.

I have downloaded Ross Barkman's modem script for Windows Mobiles, (GSM 3.6M) and a application for Bluetooth DUN. Without the bluetooth dun app, when I set up the HTC with my mac will not 'see' the phone's dial up network, I've heard WM6 developers removed bluetooth pan drivers thus the need for app. Don't know why ones pan ones dun.

It automatically sets up it's own modem in network preferences which offers 'configuration, telephone number, account name and password'. I have also tried to configure similar settings through Bluetooth Pan, Bluetooth and PPPoE.

In network preferences menu:
Several forums use T-Mobile Internet as name, (hash)99* as telephone number, 'guest' as user name and password.
This did not work. I also tried 'general.t-mobile.uk' as the telephone number and 'user', 'wap' as the user name and password respectively.
I also unchecked all the relevant boxes in advanced menu and changed the settings to use Ross's script.
I have also opened new port in the bluetooth phone and edited the serial port in bluetooth settings to show the modem.

But however I try it will not connect to the internet through the phone (turning off airport doesn't help) I always get messages such as 'no carrier detected. Please check phone line connection and try again.'

It could be my mac, it could be the app, the wrong script but it's just not working. I have a hunch it's the settings (either user name, password or telephone number).
It would be better if I could try another Pan application to see thats the problem, but I cannot find any others to download.

I've tried to be as specific as possible, anyone who has this phone on T-mobile (in the UK), has connected the mac to the internet through it and would like to compare settings would be a lifesaver.

Cheers Ben

Macbook 13" 2.1 1GB, Mac OS X (10.5.3)
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    Hi Ben,

    I came across your post because i've got same issues with MDA Touch Plus and Macbook Pro wanting to use phone as an external modem. Did you ever find a solution? If so, would you post it here?


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    I was looking for exact the other way for connection, so I tapped into this Thread. I got a HTC Diamond (from O2 Germany) and got the direction you are looking for pretty easily up and working.
    Here is what I did for that direction (Internet sharing using HTC Diamond as modem):
    1. Build the partnership between the HTC and the Mac (10.5)
    2. In the Bluetooth Icon (on the Top bar of MacOSX) you should see your device
    3. There should be at least two items shown if you mouse-select this device. One should be "Connect with Network" (or something similar - in German - Mit Netzwerk verbinden)
    4. This shows that your PDA (HTC) provides Bluetooth-PAN as Service
    5. On the PDA look in your Programs. I have an applicaiton called "Internet Sharing"
    6. In this Application I select "Bluetooth-PAN" as PC-Connection and select my Connection Profile (depends on your provider)
    7. Press on the "Connect" at the lower left corner
    8. Select "Connect with Network" on your Mac in the Bluetooth-Icon in the Menu-Bar under your device

    You should now see on your PDA in the Internet-Sharing Application that the connection is established.

    Maybe that this helps (even when I'm pretty late here).
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    Hate to say it but I've finally given up, I've tried everything and have only once (via usb and god know how) linked macbook and touch plus together in internet sharing heaven.
    Everyone who says that the linkage is easy and just bt pair/internet sharing seems to be on a different network so I've started to believe this is just a T-Mobile software clamp on the phone for not having the Web and walk plus contract; which allows modem usage (I only have web/walk).
    This is however my own conclusion and justification for giving up, although I may hard-reset and try one day when very bored.
    If anyone has cracked this bluetooth tethering/modem malarky between a MDA T-Mobile UK webwalk windows mobile 6.0pro Touch Plus and mac osX (preferably newest macbook lower spec 2.1) please let me know.
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    The other way round? I am trying to make a HTC Win Mobile run on my Mac´s broadband connection. How did you this?
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    Interesting, I've done all that with my HTC P3300 (Win Mobile 5), and it didn't work... It used to work very reliably with a Win XP Pro laptop, though.
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    I have an HTC Dual Touch that I wanted to "internet share" with my MacBook. I followed Jochen's advice and it just worked.

    I regularly use the Internet Sharing program to connect to the net with my Windows PC via my HTC. But I use USB for that. BlueTooth between the HTC and Mac seems slower than USB, but works fine.
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    hi i have almost the same gear as u, macbook pro 2.33 leopard 10.5.5, htc diamond
    what I don't understand is I cannot even connect my HTC to MBP properly.
    I set up my htc via "set up bluetooth device" under network and successfully set up.
    What happened is when i go to bluetooth preference and my HTC is always not connected. I tried to connect the device by clicking the bluetooth icon on the top bar of MAC OS and chose "browse device" and found my HTC is there and i double clicked it; it takes a while processing and it says "device does not have service" or something like that. I checked the status on the bluetooth preference and it's not connected. Sometimes I saw it's connected but disconnected very soon.
    How can I get the partnership between HTC and MBP properly?

    by the way i've tried the method you stated but get the messege saying the connection cannot be established.
    how can i do this?