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I converted to Apple 6 moths ago and am lovin it. However, i hate itunes tag editing and music management. on windows there was MediaMonkey. Is there a similar app for mac?

(I know i can run this in a virtual machine, but id rather not


Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    Well, it's hard to make any kind of recommendation without more information. What, exactly do you hate about iTunes?

    Here's a comparison of music managers:


    Also, iLounge has reviews you might find helpful.


    If you give more specific info on what you're having trouble with, people may be able to point you in a specific direction or even, yes it might be possible, help you get iTunes to do what you want.

    Best of luck.
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    basically, I have alot of mp3s without tags. mediamonkey did a great job searching online for tags and album covers and renamed/moved the files based on the criteria i specified (ex: /HardDisk/Music/Artist/Album/Artist - Album - Track - Title.mp3)
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    Well, it's not quite the same thing but MpFreaker searches online for tags, covers and lyrics.


    You can always un-check *Keep iTunes Music folder organized* and *Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library*.

    <unsolicited advice> One of the things that seems to hardest for former Windows folks is that idea that, if your music is in iTunes, and properly tagged, you never need look at the underlying folder structure. You may decide you never want to let iTunes handle things but it's still worth thinking about. <end advice>

    Best of luck.