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I've been using a 1 year old Mac Book Pro and when I type, instead of using shift+letter, I use CAPSonletterCAPSoff. I've never had a problem doing that but I just bought a new Mac Book Pro a few days ago and I have to press pretty hard to get the caps lock key to work, and when I'm typing and I press it twice fast (CAPS on-letter- CAPS off), it doesn't always work. I went back to the store today and they showed me that the display models seem to work the same way. Would anyone know if this is just a characteristic of a new keyboard which will improve with age, or if it's something with the newer Mac's?

Mac Book Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    This is one of those "bug or feature" mystery items that popped up with the new MBP's. From my experience with a 15" MBP purchased in early March, the issue is not pressure but time. When you press CapsLock it takes a wee bit longer to react than all the other keys. Speculation is that some engineer thought it was a Good Idea to counter more "oh, I hate the capslock cause it messes up my one-finger typing rythmn..." moans and groans.

    BTW, welcome aboard...
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    Hi yangky,

    As the poster has mentioned its a feature to prevent any accidental touch during typing. Personally i like it as i am a culprit for hitting the Caps key during button bashing frenzies on the keyboard and dont have this little feature on my MB, which is a shame. I do believe the MBA has it too. Good luck with the new MBP, im jealous!


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    Thanks so much for the answers! Now I get it. My husband does complain that he always hits the CAPS key accidentally when he types. I guess now I have to learn how to type properly! (and I'm going to stop harassing my caps lock key to try and "age" it)
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    well you can check in the universal access panel. there is a setting in there for keyboard that has acceptance delay and you can turn that all the way down (it also will fix if you are getting a first key missing after the KB update). that may make it easier for you. for your husband, if he uses a different user account he can probably set it higher and that may help him, but it may mess with other keys

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    I got a MBP his week and the caps lock is driving me nuts. To clarify the acceptance delay it should be set to slow?
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    I've had my MBP since April and I feel your pain! I've grown accustomed to hitting CAPS whenever I need to capitalize a letter instead of Shift. It took me a while to get used to using Shift.

    I always thought my CAPS was faulty but after reading these posts I'm reassured.

    I wish my CAPS was more sensitive though!
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    What about for a MB? i just got a new MB and i cant type fast with the caps lock key. It doesnt want to seem to work properly when i am typing fast? Can anyone help? thanks
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    I am running bootcamp and using a Bluetooth keyboard. I know there's a problem with the caps lock button - i've read that a lot of people are having the same issue. I just downloaded the latest bootcamp and it is still an issue.

    anyone know of a solution to this, other than messing with the registry and disabling it?
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    Thank you too. I thought my beautiful new MBPro was faulty.
    But I now know it's because of this cap key conspiracy.
    I am reassured in an Apple owner kinds way - angry, frustrated, sick, annoyed but loving the Mac.