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Hey all, I'm new to the forums.
Last week, I dropped my iPod Touch on the ktichen floor tiling, (Ouch!)
After I picked it up right away, I checked to see if anything happened to it. (I have a hard case aroudn it). Everything was fine except the ON/OFF button at the top doesnt work at all. When I press it, nothing happens. I tried pressing it hard, soft, and many times, and nothing!.
However, everything is working fine. The touch screen is perfectly normal, the HOME button works normally and my music, videos, and pictures are all fine.
Anyone experience this or have a fix?
Should i try to Restore it from iTunes? (If i do, without the ON/OFF button i might not be able to force restore if i mess up,, so is this a risk?)
And I don't think I have the receipt for the warrenty because my dad won it from work.
Any suggestions?
  • Ian Parkinson Level 6 (10,505 points)
    The warranty will not cover this anyway as it is user damage, you would have to pay for it to be repaired and that will be expensive. Warranty only cover faults that are the responsibility of the manufacturer and therefore Apple do not need to repair your iPod as you did the damage.

    You may be able to try to claim on your House Insurance if it covers accidental damage.