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i have recently (2 hours ago) bought an ipod touch and hooked it up to my computer. first time i connect it to iTunes it asks me to register it so i did. As soon as im done registering the ipod disappears from my iTunes but it is still shwoing the charging battery symbol on its screen. So i pull out the USB wire and reconnect it and this time it gives me this error:

iTunes could not connect to the iPhone "" because an invalid response was received from device.

i click ok and again the ipod disappears. and it keeps disappearing or giving me that error no matter what i do. i tried completely removing iTunes (deleted the My Music, Program Files, iPod, and Temp folders) and i reinstalled the iPod driver in my device manager and still have that problem. i cant format it because the ipod doesnt remain detected in itunes long enough for me to click (it practically flashes and thats it) nor would i want to because the new one has the $20 apps.

it could have something to do with my previous ipod touch which i returned today. that one had iTunes crash when i was syncing it and gave me an unknown error that changed every time i tried to connect. Then when i tried to format it it gave me an error and the ipod got permanently stuck in the screen where it shows the USB cable pointing to the iTunes symbol and thats it. it too would not appear in iTunes but Windows would not detect it either.
Please reply, i have no idea what to do anymore >_<

Edit: i forgot to mention one thing, i did not reinstall itunes when i got the new iPod. i didnt think it would have been an issue.

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