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drestmont Level 1 (5 points)
I am so unhappy because after have been working on my first presentation using Keynote I discovered that it has unavailable its most useful tool "the dual displays" for iBook. Somebody can tell which is the reason? After all, I am working on academia and I will need this tool for my presentation, so, is there any thing to do, and please, something different to buy a Powerbook.......my iBook is almost new!!!
  • Brian Peat Level 6 (18,215 points)
    Apple doesn't tend to make this little fact known to new buyers. It's not Keynote that's the problem, it's the iBook. There is hope, though it's not supported by Apple and it could possibly void your warranty.

    Do a search on google for iBook firmware Hack and you'll find something that'll fix your problem.
  • RobertM Level 1 (5 points)
    Apple's "consumer" line of products (iBook, iMac, etc.) can't do it, whereas their "professional" products (PowerBook, etc.) can. I believe it's merely to distinguish the product lines, IMO. I have an iBook and CAN do the dual display feature. There is something called Screen Spanning Doctor which will enable the feature. Be sure to read everything on their website first and be sure your specific machine is compatible.

  • Eliot & Julia Mason Level 1 (5 points)
    Yes- and then it works beautifully as a dual-display platform. No side effects for me.
  • Warren Camp Level 1 (55 points)
    Hi Robert:

    I opened the link you provided but did not see my iBook on the "Okay" list. Mine is a 600 MHz G3 14-inch, 2002 model. I'm afraid to run the Spanner Doctor patch. And I don't view System Profiler as he does when I open About This Mac.

    Do you know how I might be certain of whether this patch will work without being a catastrophe???
  • Brian Peat Level 6 (18,215 points)
    If your model is not listed DO NOT RUN THE PATCH. You'll totally hose your iBook. I believe the first 500 and 600 machines didn't have the correct video cards in them to do this.
  • Warren Camp Level 1 (55 points)
    Thanks, Brian. I won't try the patch.

    Are you aware of Apple's response to customer complaints about our inability to use a key feature of Keynote on many of its iBooks?

    Any suggestion, Brian?
  • Brian Peat Level 6 (18,215 points)
    My guess? You might get somewhere complaining that Keynote's box doesn't make this fact clear, but the iBook specs ALWAYS mention that you only get mirroring, same with the iMacs and eMacs, so Apple would probably say that it was your responsibility to check the specs of the iBook when you bought it. This is one of the selling points of the PowerBooks, and Apple purposely makes the ibooks mirror only. Annoying, but that's the way it is. Even now, I tell people to never buy an iBook with the sole purpose of hacking the firmware right out of the box, because it really wasn't meant for it (in Apple's eyes at least).

    The coool thing is, all the iBooks 700mhz and up can use the patch (and I think some 600s), and current refurbs are going for like $899. eBay is an even cheaper source. I know that won't help you, but again, the specs on the iBooks are clearly printed, the problem is, most consumers just don't know what the difference is until it's too late, as you've found out.
  • Warren Camp Level 1 (55 points)
    "...the problem is, most consumers just don't know what the difference is until it's too late, as you've found out."

    I understand fully and disappointedly.

    Thanks for your candid e-reply.