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I am using Keynote 2.02. I have had no problems with Keynote before, but this week while creating a new presentation I found that when I minimize a file that I am not able to bring it back up. When I click on the little icon in the dock, nothing happens-usually. Sometimes the file will appear in normal size on the screen while the minimized icon is still in the dock, but both of them are in frozen state and I have to quit the program. My only work around has been to simply hide Keynote when I need to access other programs, leaving it hidden in the background.

I have not worked on Keynote in a couple of months, and I think my latest OS upgrades have been made since then. So, I assume there is a problem with 10.4.2. I've seen that brought up in other posts, but not the specific problem I'm reporting here. Any suggestions? Are we all waiting for a patch from Apple?