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i asked this question a few days ago, but no one answered and im wondering why. now all i want to do is downgrade to an earlier version of itunes because i never had these problems with itunes 6. plus i was able to organize my library from 0-9,a-z. now its only a-z and the artist from 0-9 like 3 doors down, 50 cent, 2pac are all at the bottom with no choice of organizing it how i like it.

Inspiron 6000, Windows XP
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    When iTunes skips, what exactly happens? Is it cycling through music without playing anything, or does it skip like a CD player would?

    And yes, the new iTunes lists artist names beginning with numbers at the end of the library. I'm not crazy about it either, but I haven't (yet) found a way around it. (Hint, if anyone has any suggestions..)

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    yea it skips like a cd does. someone should really tell apple itunes people to stop changing things. jus keep it simple and functional so that the user can decide how to customize their library, especially the numbers at the bottom thing.
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    Are all of your files in AAC format? If you have any MP3's, add them to your library in Windows Media player and test them. Does each song skip in all of the same places, or is the skipping different each time you play the same song? If the skipping is inconsistent within the same, song, I'd suggest reinstalling iTunes and QuickTime:

    Go into Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs
    Remove these applications:
    1. Apple Software Update
    2. Apple Mobile Device Support
    3. iPod for Windows (this may or may not exist, either way, it's not needed so we can remove it)
    4. iTunes
    5. QuickTime

    Restart the computer
    Download & Install the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility:
    Launch the Utility: Start > Programs > Windows Install Clean Up
    Select any of the above mentioned applications, and click Remove

    Restart the computer again
    Download & install iTunes again from here: http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/

    If the song skipping is consistent each time you play the same song, it could well be an issue with the files. Do you have a backup that you can restore files from? If you do, try that.

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    OK...your process makes sense even for the uninformed such as myself. Where exactly is the library stored...My Music doesn't reflect everything that is in my iTunes library
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    By default, the iTunes Music Folder location is \My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Artist Name\Album Name\Song Name.m4a.

    You have the option to change this location, so you can check your preferences in iTunes to determine what this location is for your computer:
    Edit > Preferences > Advanced tab > General tab

    If you have the option to "copy files to iTunes music folder when adding to library" selected, then any time you add music to iTunes from another location on your computer's hard drive, that song file is copied to your iTunes Music folder.

    If you do not have the option to "keep iTunes music folder organized" selected, you may not have the folders for artist name and album name, as indicated above.

    If your music has become scattered across your hard drive (which can happen if you've had to restore from backups/external hard drives, or if you obtain music from applications other than iTunes) you can copy the outstanding files into this default location.

    Go into your preferences as indicated above, and select both options "Copy files..." and "Keep iTunes..." and then click OK. Click your Advanced menu and choose Consolidate library. Once this process is complete you can be sure that all of your files are in that location.

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    I have the same problem on my iPhone. The title is ok in iTunes but freezes or skips when i hear it on my iPhone. Emptying the iPhone and resyncing didn't change anything Do you have a clue what i can try to fix the problem? File is a mp3 since i want to hear it with other devices too.
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    When you say you emptied the iPhone re-synced, did you choose the option to "erase all content and settings" via Settings > General > Reset, or did you actually restore the iPhone using iTunes. If you did not already restore the iPhone, I'd suggest doing that:

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    I've had the same problem ever since I went to iTunes v7. I tracked it down last week to the sound card. I have a Creative Labs Soundblaster Live 5.1, and found that turning the hardware acceleration all the way off stopped it skipping. I haven't had chance to get a feel for how much difference this makes to the rest of my PC use yet though
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    I restored it with iTunes. I see no sample between the tracks that doenst work. Wait, this is for a whole album! Could it be something like (variable) Bitrate?
    Here a picture of the trackdetails: http://img3.imagebanana.com/view/kn6a659f/gehtnicht.JPG
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    ok i deleted all of that stuff, but when i tried to download itunes it gave me an error message and i was unable to get itunes back. will i lose all my music that was in itunes?
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    No - your music isn't lost. It is stored in \My Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\

    What's the error you get when you attempt to reinstall iTunes?