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I am a longtime writer of FAQs and guides for vidgames and need to upload my latest contributions to sites like IGN and GameFAQs.

Up until I upgraded to Leopard I have had no problems getting my work to where it needs to go. But once I got Leopard I started having problems in uploading.

I have an email account at Netzero and requires that you upload your attachments to put with your mail. But now it won't upload my attachments. When I tell the machine to upload the attachment it looks like it is uploading but in reality it is doing nothing. It will just sit there. No error messages or anything. I bring up Network and it shows no activity.

When I try to do a direct upload to GameFAQs I get a Bad Server Request message. I try another browser and I get the same type of message.

I got the 10.5.2 update but it hasn't fixed this particular problem. I can do everything I normally do when online. It is just that I can't upload anything. Is there any settings I need to check out or any patches that I need to get to fix this problem?

1.5Ghz Single Core Mac Mini
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    I went up to Leopard 6 months ago and am on netzero. Mail stinks. I can not send attachments over 30-40 kb and it is slow as molasses. I keep thinking they will correct the problem-netzero blames apple and apple blames netzero. I hate to revert back to Tiger but never had a problem with mail until Leopard. I have to send attachments through my yahoo address and is not very convenient but at least I can send them and it doesn't matter what size up to yahoo's limits. Maybe this will help you out.
    I'm on slow dial up at 10.5.3 and will be updating to 10.5.4 soon as I get to the library computers.
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    Hello, and welcome to the Discussions.

    When sending, if you open the Activity monitor in Mail, you will have a period in which it is in the process of connecting to the SMTP, followed by a period of Sending Data with % completed. Is the period of connecting quick and moves on to Sending data where it fails? If this is the scenario, then you may have an issue with MTU (maximum transmission unit) and packet size brought on either by something your ISP has changed, or by your Mac now sending bigger packets faster, until the connection times out trying to manage the transmission. The latter might result from using Leopard, but difficult to point only to that. See the following article about how to test if this is the problem:


    But it can be tricky if connected wirelessly, so the best test to do first, if wireless would be to connect the iMac via an ethernet cable to the router, assuming it has such a port -- are you using a router, and if so what type router?

    MTU could impact any uploading activity.

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    A common item here is Netzero Dial-up. I think you will find email with Tiger works with Netzero, but not Leopard. I've had the problem since the upgrade. My very cumbersome workaround has been to set up a Tiger partition, transfer larger files or attachments to that disk from my Leopard partition, then restart in Tiger. I compose and send my larger emails from the Tiger Mail.app. Yuck!

    NetZero has sent email to me stating they know it's a problem, and are working on it....for at least six months now.

    Please let me know if you find a better way to handle this. Bill
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    It's not just a Netzero thing. I work for a small independent ISP in Canada and we are finding the same problem here. Also, it's not just Mail that's affected. All upstream web traffic is affected including FTP. We can recreate the issue on any machine running OS X 10.5 or higher.
    Quite a few of our rural Mac customers are upset by this but I would assume that dialup internet is no longer a priority for Apple since a majority of people are on high speed.