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Safari cannot handle edit punctuation, e.g. brackets, tags, apostrophe in post windows such as this using key commands.

If I use apple-shift-arrow to navigate about text copy, past and deleting, Safari becomes useless when it comes to bracketed tags, e.g.

+Some random text left to hang.+
+[quote="paul"]I, for one, cannot believe what I'm reading here ... .[/quote]+
+This is my answer here ...+

That should read {quote="paul"} - with the square brackets - but this WYSIWYG does not all me to write it out.

If I arrow back to select [/quote], it wont select the bracket but jumps back to the previous word, e.g.

+here ... .[/quote]+

If I arrow forward to select [/quote], it wont do it either, I get, e.g.


If I arrow back to select [quote="paulkershaw"], it will jump back to select NOT JUST the 'g.' but also a carriage return.



If I want to selelct just "paulkershaw", it will arrow forward to ... "paulkershaw"]I

In short, it always chooses the dumbest, nastiest, uncleanest and plainly WRONG option.

Do others experience this? Can Apple ask some developers to have a look at this? Try working on some discussion forums or web based editing tools?

There are more I could point out but, frankly, it seems to be programmed to choose the most illogical or irrational option ... without encouragement of speaking to a real person, I cannot afford the time or energy to document them all here.

(Yes, Latest software releases all round).

Is there a hack or a bugfix to beat this!?!

Thank you.

(and add insult to injury, this WYSIWYG does not work either ... does not render spaces as seen in composing window and converting square brackets - as used in bbcode etc - to slashes. It also does not render HTML style tag brakcets ... nor does it have an option to post code without rendering it.

I am sorry but I am getting just a little bit sick of all this whitespace minimalist dumbing down mode Apple is moving towards ... as with Time Machine its going too far).

MBP Intel, Mac OS X (10.5.3), Safari 3.3