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I upgraded my apple tv last night to the latest and greatest firmware. I noticed the new sort be genre tab under my movies but the only the movies I have purchased sort out in to genre. all of the others are under Unknown. So I went to Itunes and added the genre in on the info page. But it is still not sorting out on Apple TV. I also saw that there is some new parental controls, such as allowing nothing more graphic than PG. Where is that rating info stored? I have converted many movies and would like to add that info in. Would like to keep my 4 year old from watching scarface again.

Mac Mini, Apple TV
  • Jaisen Level 1 (30 points)
    I don't know if it can be done in itunes, but so far I have been unable to do it. However, one program that would allow you to add genres and ratings is MetaX. Also, the movies will only be resorted into their respective genres on the apple TV after you resync it.
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    you can do it in itunes (right click on the movie and choose "get info").. or as has been said, MetaX does a good job.
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    I know you can do the Genre in iTunes (RT-Click > Get Info) but didn't think you could do parental control ratings.. can you confirm that you can do these and if so how?

    thanks... i'd really like to add parental control ratings.
  • Chenks Level 5 (7,420 points)
    well you can't set age ratings in itune, but you can using metax.
    however i don't know if the appletv parental control use them.
  • Tomeranaray Level 1 (85 points)
    VideoDrive (www.aroona.net) supports metadata (genre, but not parental control yet) and has the advantage that you do not need to reconvert movies to put them in iTunes!