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Kevin Torres Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)
Im traveling through Hawaii, often camping out. Today sitting at this internet cafe, I realize that my computer has been infected with ANTS! Whats the best way to get rid of them?!?!?!

Macbook Pro 2.4
  • a brody Level 9 Level 9 (64,115 points)
    Take it to an authorized service center.
    Ask your homeowners insurance to pay for it.
    Get the keyboard replaced.
    Never again eat or drink near the notebook.
  • J D McIninch Level 5 Level 5 (4,060 points)
    Go to your local supermarket and buy one of those self-enclosed ant traps. Power down your computer, and leave the ant trap within a foot of the computer for a day.

    The ants will migrate out of the computer to the trap over time.

    If you have dead ants in your computer, you might consider taking the computer to an Apple-authorized service center or retail store and have them cleaned out (it's just a matter of opening up the laptop and blowing them out with compressed air).
  • Ricktoronto Level 6 Level 6 (11,550 points)
    If you keep it away from food and water they will die pretty quick without leaving. If you use the ant trap idea put the thing in a bag with the ants and their new home and a bunch of traps to keep them from wandering out and feeding and going back inside. They follow their own scent trails for a long distance.

    You can also call your uncles and ask them to come and get their wives and take them home.
  • Topher Kessler Level 6 Level 6 (9,540 points)
    I've heard of ants feasting on the circuit board coatings in some computers that were taken to tropical areas. Not sure what to do, but you might be able to fume them out. I would not spray any liquid in there though.
  • Kenneth Gorelick Level 3 Level 3 (590 points)
    I know that you can debug software. I don't have any idea about debugging hardware.
  • Topher Kessler Level 6 Level 6 (9,540 points)
    One other thing to try would be to get one of those cans of air and spend some time blowing it into the vents and such of the computer (ensure the computer is off). This will aggravate the ants and get them scurrying around. As they leave through vents just wipe them away, and repeat the process until they're all gone.