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I'm opening a thread for this problem because I posted it on someone else's and it was overlooked. I plugged in my ipod to a friends computer after updating her itunes software. i was afraid that her itunes would sync with my ipod (i dont know why) and then itunes seemed froze so I ended its process with the task manager. After that I didn-t turn itunes on again and I transferred music from my ipod to her computer using Ephod (or some like that)
THe next day everytime i plugged my ipod and turned itunes on the sw would freeze. the same ting happens in every computer i plug my ipod to.
also, when i go to videos, i see a list of all the songs i have in my ipod. when I finally can locate a video file it will only play the sound... but not the video.
i have tried reinstalling itunes. i still havent tried restoring my ipod, but as i dont have a big drive to put store all my files i was wondering if there was something else i could do

your help will be very much appreciated



Windows XP, dont remember