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I'm opening a thread for this problem because I posted it on someone else's and it was overlooked. I plugged in my ipod to a friends computer after updating her itunes software. i was afraid that her itunes would sync with my ipod (i dont know why) and then itunes seemed froze so I ended its process with the task manager. After that I didn-t turn itunes on again and I transferred music from my ipod to her computer using Ephod (or some like that)
THe next day everytime i plugged my ipod and turned itunes on the sw would freeze. the same ting happens in every computer i plug my ipod to.
also, when i go to videos, i see a list of all the songs i have in my ipod. when I finally can locate a video file it will only play the sound... but not the video.
i have tried reinstalling itunes. i still havent tried restoring my ipod, but as i dont have a big drive to put store all my files i was wondering if there was something else i could do

your help will be very much appreciated



Windows XP, dont remember
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    Welcome to Apple Discussions!

    Alright, for the video problem, you need to make sure that TV out is off. Go to Videos-->Video Settings-->TV Out-->Off. Now see if your videos play correctly. See here...

    Now, for the larger issue...

    I'm not sure why the iPod would be freezing iTunes on multiple computers. I would recommend putting the iPod into Disk Mode and then restoring it. A restore will not delete music on your computer, only music on your iPod. And, as a reminder, it is generally illegal for you to give copyrighted music off of your iPod to someone else or vice versa.

    Disk Mode first...
    Putting iPod into Disk Mode

    And then connect it to the computer and restore...
    Restore iPod

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    I am having a similar problem and i cant figure out what the crap is wrong this this stupid ipod! It was working just fine until this most recent update to 7.6 and now it wont play some of my purchases, it freezes my itunes and now itunes or my computer wont recognize it. I am starting to get really frustrated and i cant figure out how to post my own posts on this website.

    is there any explanation as to why the ipod would be acting this way?
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    I think starting your own thread would be your best bet.

    Go here...

    And then click "Post New Topic" at the top-left corner right under the forum name (it's under all the options like Store, Mac, iPod, etc.)